Learn English Reading Obama – App Review

Learn English Reading Obama - App Review

Learn English Reading Obama - App Review

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Learn the English language with the help of Obama! With multiple different languages to translate from Learn English Reading Obama is easy for anyone to learn to read. The app helps users learn with a karaoke style reading of Part 1 of Obama’s inaugural speech. You can hear Obama speak as well as see which words he’s speaking as they become highlighted.

Learn English Reading Obama has great features like multi-language dictionaries, automatic translation from English language to Spanish, German, Russian, French, and Italian, ability to save words and translations, tap any word to translate, Karaoke-style synchronization, and much more!!

The app is easy to use for anyone willing to learn! Users can also download Part 2 and 3 of the speech or buy other popular texts to read and there’s a selection that’s great for all ages. The app is really meant for users that already have a basic understanding of the English language and want to increase their vocabulary and develop their ability to read text.

So if you know someone who is really trying to understand the English language, Learning English Reading Obama is a good pick.


iTunes Description
Learn English with the Karaoke4English Audiobook Reader!

This app contains the speech given by Barack Obama after taking the Oath of office on January 20, 2009, referring to ideals expressed by President Lincoln about renewal, continuity and national unity.

You always wanted to study English, but never found the right time to learn the language? Now this is history with Karaoke4English Audiobook Reader! Learn while listening to your favourite Audiobooks and create your own personalized language exercises.

The app is best described as a combination of listening to your Audiobook while reading the highlighted text on your screen at the same time. Unknown words can directly be looked up in the multi-language dictionary with one tap on the word, after which the word can be saved to your personalized language exercises.

After you have saved some more words it is time to learn and open the exercises. Now you can learn the saved words based on flash card and spelling exercises and totally understand the text.

Learning English has become Fun & Easy with the Karaoke4English Audiobook Reader.

Karaoke4English Audiobook Reader Features:

  • Karaoke-style synchronization of text and audio, to improve learning experience
  • Tap any word in the speech to see its translation, in multi-language dictionary
  • Save words and translations as exercises, for personal learning
  • Practice and learn words with effective flashcard exercises 
  • Repetition served according to your personal learning profile
  • In-app Interactive multi-language dictionary
  • Includes automatic translations from English language to: Spanish, German, Russian, French, and Italian.

Karaoke4English Audiobook Reader is intended for users who already have a basic understanding of the English language and want to increase their English vocabulary and develop their ability to read English texts. The ultimate purpose of this app is to help English language learners to reach a high enough level of English understanding where they can read any English content which is of interest to them.

Karaoke4English Audiobook Reader gives students the opportunity to listen to audiobooks and learn English as a spoken language while simultaneously improving their English reading skills as well. The app’s Karaoke-esque text is highlighted in perfect tempo with the app’s audio track one word at a time, so you will be able to perfectly follow the words.

This mobile language education solution also includes a variety of other interactive learning features (flashcard exercises). Users can easily look up words in a dictionary. Karaoke4English Audiobook Reader also gives users the ability to save learning exercises as well, ensuring that they’ll effectively learn the words of the text which they look up, and so actively learn these words by flashcards. The app’s, flashcard based, learning exercises are geared to measure and monitor users’ learning progress of the English language.

Users can look up specific words from in-app text in the app’s integrated dictionary. This dictionary offers automatic translations from English to Spanish, German, Russian, French, and Italian. Furthermore, the app offers a variety of sophisticated language knowledge comprehension exercises designed specifically to intelligently challenge users until given English-language exercises are fully learned and the text is fully understood.

Brainglass also offers other Karaoke4English Audiobook Reader titles.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

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