KPOP Lyrics Plus iPhone App Converts K-pop Lyrics to English


KPOP Lyrics Plus iPhone App Converts Music Lyrics to Korean

Have a K-Pop music collection that you desperately want translated into English? K-pop Lyrics Plus is a iPhone lyrics app that will help you do just that. With a lyrics collection containing thousands of k-pop songs and their translations, this is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a way to breathe new life into their music library.

You can find lyrics to songs by browsing through your library or search for songs by artist, album or title. The default search tool will give you a list of K-pop songs matching your search as well as the lyrics written in both Korean and English.

There is an alternative search tool called “Translation” which can be used to find the English translations for k-pop songs. You can search for lyrics by entering artist name or song title. Once you select the song, the app will open up your web browser and take you to a separate site where you can view the full English translation of the song.

The app also has a built in music player that can display lyrics 2 or 3 words at a time or by line. You can save song lyrics to your photo collection, send them to your email address and add your favorite songs to the favorites section.

The app’s design is very similar to the iOS music app – albeit slightly less polished— which makes for an easy to use lyrics search tool. The translations are also very accurate and don’t feel as though they’ve been created by translation software, instead they appear as if they were actually sung in English.

Overall, this is a unique tool that will help you discover the world of k-pop and maybe even give you a greater appreciation for this kind of music. K-pop lyrics plus is compatible with iPhone is free to download from iTunes.

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