Kidsafe YouTube App with Parental Control for iPhone and iPad


Kidsafe YouTube App with Parental Control for iPhone and iPad

Protect Your Children on YouTube with Kidsafe Youtube iPhone and iPad App

If you’re a parent you know that leaving your child to browse the internet without any type of content filter is never a good idea. While there are a number of “child-safe” sites online, there’s always the risk that your child might stumble on something that you don’t want them to see even more so when there’s videos involved.

KidSafe Tube is an app that addresses this concern by providing parents with an easy to use to protect their children’s online activities. The app filters YouTube videos based on their content to guarantee that your child is never exposed to any offensive or explicit content while browsing videos on their iPhone or iPad.

Using KidsSafe Tube allows you to effectively regulate the content your child views by giving you the ability to bookmark videos you consider safe for viewing and the ones you don’t. You can bookmark single videos, playlists, channels and search results and add them to your block list to protect your child from accidentally viewing any of these videos.

The app also comes with a collection of pre-selected videos for children in different age groups. There are educational videos for toddlers aged 1-3, pre-school students aged 3-5 and for school aged children aged 5 and above. The videos are updated weekly so there’s always something new for your child to watch.

In addition to the video filtering options, the app also has a video timer which lets you set a time limit for video viewing. This encourages your child to take breaks while they’re watching videos and prevents them from being sedentary for extend periods of time. You can also remotely lock the app, view your child’s watching history and add language filters to your settings.

KidsSafe Tube is available as a free and paid version for iPad and iPhone. Both versions have the same features except the paid version – which costs $2.99 – comes with no ads.

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