Kids Planet Discovery App – Games and Adventures For Children

Kids Planet Discovery App - Games and Adventures For Children

Kids Planet Discovery App – Games and Adventures For Children

Get a Wide Range of Great Interactive Children’s Games and Videos for iPhone and iPad with Kids Planet Discovery App

Kids Planet Discovery is a children’s app for iPhone and iPad containing a wide range of interactive games set in different locations around the world. Alongside a cast of lovable aliens your child will embark on an exciting adventure discovering the different aspects of life on planet earth.

The app is composed of different games and information that have to be downloaded in order to use them. These range from games about different continents, indigenous music, animals, to videos about the world and different cultures. You can try the majority of these games for free but will have to buy them for a comprehensive user experience.

Once you’ve selected a game you want to play and downloaded it, you can begin exploring the different aspects of the world through the interface which is basically a picture of a world map with different images representing different games that you can tap on to play. In addition to being fun, the games also test critical thinking skills through puzzles, memory games, and object identification tasks.

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Each adventure usually starts with a riddle that can only be solved by completing a set different interactive activities. As you play through each game, there’s an upbeat soundtrack that can be heard in the background which adds a very exciting atmosphere the whole game. The user interface is also very colorful and looks good on the on both the iPhone and iPad’s retina display.

Aside from the sometimes long waiting times you have to sit through before a game is downloaded, this is a very well thought out learning tool for children that’s both engaging and educational. The app supports up to 8 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese, and should be in every parent’s collection of apps for children.

Kids Planet Discovery is free to download from the iTunes app store and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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