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Some of the most valuable knowledge anyone will ever attain are those learned in childhood. And although classroom teachings are an integral part of learning, there are other enjoyable ways that one can learn—outside of school. One such way is reading.

LLC “Kinderbook” releases an e-library that is designed to be absorbed and loved by all children. Kiddobook contains a wide array of literary treasures that even adults will enjoy reading. There is a wealth of free e-books too.

Kiddobook is a treasure trove packed full of different books. There are well-loved classics that everyone is familiar with. There are also new stories to keep things fresh. Educational books are great learning tools for children on weekdays. Fairy tales from all different countries give the young kids a dose of culture that will help them appreciate the variety of the world at an early age.

Kiddobook can be read in two different ways, for a variety of situations. One can read the text, or for times when just want to listen, just try the audio version that lets everyone just sit back and enjoy. To practice kids’ reading skills, one can opt to turn on the subtitles so they can read along as well.

It is fortunate that the books in this e-library are well-written and also well-illustrated. The children will definitely enjoy the pictures, letting the drawings lift the story to life. Kiddobook aims to exercise everyone’s imagination in a fun and humorous way.

This is a wonderful application that encourages young ones to pick up a book and read. Check it out in the App Store for free.

iTunes Description
Kiddobook is an iPad library we've created especially for childrenaged from 3 to 8.

Carefully selected, lovingly illustrated by our talented artists and
voiced by professional actors, our books will lead your child into the fascinating world of reading.

Old classics and fresh stories, fairy-tales from all over the world
and educational books for young explorers – all of our diverse books have one thing in common: they make sure that young readers have fun while learning to appreciate traditional human values.

Each book can be read in two formats: by the children or their parents themselves, or by our actors. You can switch the sound and the subtitles on and off.

Regular updates!

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later

iPad App:
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