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Football, known in a number of countries as soccer, has experienced a serious surge in its fan base in recent years. It is now acknowledged as one of the most popular sports worldwide, so merchandise has been trying to keep up. From sportswear to games to fan paraphernalia, there is an array of products that cater to all the hardcore soccer fans out there. For those who are interested in an in-depth look at the history of the sport, there are plenty of books available for purchase.

Leading Brands JLT brings us an e-book called Kick-Off, for the technologically-savvy. This e-book is aimed at soccer enthusiasts who want to learn more about the past and present world of the black and white ball.

What’s great about e-books are that they offer more features than just text and regular-sized photographs. The content is definitely the main draw of this application, because its packed full of rare videos and some of the earliest records of soccer, and it is available in this iPad application! Some of the best features are clips of the great Pele and the famed match between Chile and Italy.

Of course, this e-book has a comprehensive text portion that details the development of soccer in the global scale. Nowhere else can you find an application that is as good as this one—it offers unparalleled insight into the much-loved game.

Kick-Off is designed for use on the iPad, which means it is fitted perfectly for the device’s bigger screen. The interface is high quality with images and just enough splashes of color here and there to keep it aesthetically interesting, and the photos and videos are of good quality as well.

While the application could use more interactive options, this is definitely a must-buy for soccer fanatics. Kick-Off is available in the App Store for $1.99.

iTunes Description

The history of the beautiful game is brought to life on the iPad. Kick-Off tackles the history of football (soccer) right from its roots in 2 B.C. China through its organisation into the game we recognise and love today. The e-book is packed with rare, vintage videos including some of the oldest recorded clips of football dating back to the early 1900s, and offers a unique insight to the development of the game throughout its history. A particular highlight is a video clip of a young Pele announcing his precocious talent in 1958, and the 1962 ‘Battle of Santiago’ between Chile and Italy.

The e-book offers insights into the history of the world’s most popular sport, the embedded videos transport the reader back to the terraces of the 1930s and to the 50s and 60s where the Samba-mad Brazilians set the world alight. Kick-Off is an interactive experience for readers where they can read, watch, and listen to content that brings the story of the world’s greatest game alive. No other e-books on the iPad market about the history of football contains the kind of content that Kick-Off has, making it a unique e-publication.

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Important note: When you purchase this publication, the initial download is about 6 MB. The first time that you run the app, it will download all the remaining content, which is about 315 MB for the iPad and iPad2, and 410 MB for the New iPad (retina).

Optimised for iPad (1024×768) and the New iPad (2048×1536) – our app will automatically determine which iPad you have.

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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