Kazzy is a simple time management app for iOS

Kazzy is a simple time management app for iPhone and iPad

Kazzy is a simple time management app for iPhone and iPad

Kazzy is a simple time management app for iPhone and iPad that helps you keep track of the events you have planned for the next 12 hours of your day. The app’s interface presents a minimalist, but effective approach to managing different tasks and reminding you when to start doing tasks so you don’t fall into the trap of procrastination.

Once installed, the app asks you to swipe across the screen to begin using it. There aren’t any obstructive menu items, in-depth tutorials, or any ads. Instead, everything has been stripped down to give you more control over the important upcoming events. The only interface item on the screen other than the main clock is the setting’s option on the top right corner.

Tapping on this opens up the settings screen where you can do things such as rate the app on the app store, share on Facebook or twitter, and report any problems with the app. You also have the option of choosing a theme from the many unique themes available for sale at $0.99 each. You can tap on each theme for a full screen preview and info, or choose to buy all the available themes for $4.99.

In the app’s main interface, you’ll be able to create different events by simply holding your finger over the clock face. As you hold your finger on the clock, you’ll be able to set the time period of the event by dragging your finger along the numbers of the clock. You can then name the event by tapping on the corresponding color on the bottom half of the screen.

When it’s time for you to attend to an event, the app will send you a notification to remind you. You can create as many events as you want and even plan ahead for events that occur after 12 hours. And if you decide to change your mind, there’s always a delete option you can tap on to erase the event from your schedule.

Kazzy is free to download from the iTunes app store and requires iOS 7.0 or later.

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