JunglePhoto a Great Photobooth and Purikura App for iPhone

JunglePhoto a Great Photobooth and Purikura App for iPhone

JunglePhoto a Great Photobooth and Purikura App for iPhone

Jazz Up Your Photos with JunglePhoto iPhone App

Jungle Photo is an artistically-centered photo editor app for iPhone that allows you to easily capture and create distinctive photos you can share with others. Containing stunning filter effects and an intuitive “photo masks” feature for creating multi-layered images, this is far from your regular photo editing app.

Once the app is installed on your device a screen with a stylized mascot is shown next to a prompt asking you to “press here to take photo”. When this piece of text is tapped on you are shown another screen with a three step description about how to navigate the app, take photos, and apply effects.

You can use the camera button to take photos using the app’s interface or import existing photos from your library if you already have images you want to edit. Photos can be taken using either the front facing camera or rear facing camera depending on the subject you’re trying to capture.

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The app comes with three effects – grey, color, and sepia – that can be applied to any of your selected photos.  For a more extensive display of the different customization options, the “Mask” option allows you to drag-and-drop a variety of hand drawn objects such as glasses, head pieces, masks, and other cool objects to any of your photos.

Once you’ve finished editing images you can save them to your photo library, share by email, or post them to your Facebook profile. The app’s simple monochromatic design makes it easy to compose images without any distractions and is also very responsive to different gestures when moving objects around.

Whether you’re a creative person or simply want to make your photos look better, this is a highly recommended app. Jungle Photo costs $0.99 from the app store and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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