Jump and Munch Cookies in Order to Survive the City Landscapes


Jump and Munch Cookies in Order to Survive the City Landscapes

Munchie Mouse is an arcade style game for your iPhone and iPad.

Your objective is to keep your mouse from starving by collecting as many cookies as possible before the timer runs out. The iOS game app starts off with a short montage of a mouse escaping from its cage to follow the scent of cookies. This leads him to a window where he sees cookies floating in the sky at which point he decides to go out and embark on his cookie eating journey.

You’re given a short tutorial at the beginning of the game about how to navigate each level using the controls. You tap to jump, double tap to jump higher and swipe to control the mouse to eat the cookies before they disappear. While these controls are simple in description, they tend to be a bit cumbersome during gameplay and may require a couple of attempts to get used to. 

The game is very fast paced game and contains over 30 levels of gameplay.  The game is based on survival and you have to keep on collecting cookies until the timer runs out. The cookies will show up in random places on your screen, so having quick reflexes is a must if you want to progress through to the next level.

In terms of game design, the graphics are what you would expect from a 2D game. Each level has its own unique backdrop and animations have a smooth cartoon-like quality to them. The included sound track is also a good addition to the gameplay and helps give the game its own quirky character. Lastly, players can keep track of their best scores via Game Center and adjust control preferences from the settings menu.

Overall, this is a good game to play on your downtime. The levels have a lot of replay value to them and you can expect to be entertained for quite some time. Munchie Mouse is available at the iTunes App Store for $0.99 and is compatible with all devices running iOS.

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Munchie Mouse - Scott SingerMunchie Mouse - Scott Singer ★★★½☆
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