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Everybody has his own favorite fairy tale or bedtime stories during childhood. In fact, you may still recall them vividly, especially when reminded of the moral story it has. Now that we look forward for the benefit of future generations, these stories need to be improved so that they will become better than us on all that we do. Good thing that this is attainable thanks to your iPad.

The first in line to try this out was a group of developers who even hired experts in the field of app design (like animation) and medical well-being (doctors) to ensure that they provide the greatest education app that will surely guide the health and well-being of our future generation.

Introducing Joy Tales, this is definitely the app which desires to grow old with you until you learn to “stand on your own.”

Joy Tales Bedtime Stories App Gameplay:

Joy Tales aims to guide your toddlers to the small challenges they face during their early years so that they end up obtaining the right attitude (combined with sense of humor) before it gets too late. If properly used, parents are guaranteed that their kids will be on the path where they should be so that you won’t be bothered by their acts as you grow older and older.

In addition to that, Joy Tales provides the following as well:

  • Original stories which were all tailored and consulted with specialists to ensure that it would be the best ones to guide your children’s growth
  • Parents may take participation through the narration through the use of in-app recording feature. With this, kids can replay how you told the story during bedtime over and over again.
  • App is currently catered in 4 different languages, making it available worldwide sooner.

Joy Tales Bedtime Stories App Appearance & Layout:

Cute graphics and illustrations can be found throughout. There is plenty of interactions for the young ones to discover. Navigation is intuitive and the narration is very enjoyable. Joy Tales is currently available in English and Italian with additional languages to be supported soon. A very cool feature allows children to record themselves narrate!

Joy Tales Bedtime Stories App Value:

Joy Tales features some great interactive stories for your toddler, and you, to enjoy. Additional stories are available through in app purchase, but the "starter Joy Tales app and story is available at no cost.

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Star Rating:
Joy Tales - Beautifully narrated animated bedtime stories for kids! - Desdoo ★★★★½

iTunes Description

Think of a child. Think of a question. Think of a story. Give it a shake, shake, shake – possibly with your iPad. What you get is JoyTales, the app that grows up with you!
Joy Tales is a collection of 12 original stories, created to see children – aged 2 to 6 – through the small challenges of their early years with the right attitude and sense of humor!










It’s APP to you!

– 12 original stories: collect them all as you do with books!
– Guaranteed by a team of experts: you can trust them!
– Interactive: be part of the tale!
– Tailor-made illustrations for children: get involved in the narration!
– App available in Italian and English. Soon in German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese, too.

Try the first tale, TAB the white bat! IT’S FREE!

Learning and having fun are our keywords and the reason why we have engaged – together with professionals in the field of apps design (illustrators, animation designers, etc…) – a child neuropsychiatric doctor, a pediatrician and a journalist, all expert on health and well- being.
We have done so to make our book stories balanced and complete. We want them to be enjoyable for children (and the rest of the family), yet giving something more, right from the very first years of life.
Each one of our Joy Tales includes interactive elements on every page of this virtual book and a “narrated" option: kids take part in the story right from the very first panel! There is also a unique “self recording” feature, which enables parents to record the narration with their own voice – for example, when it's time for bed – and play it back for their children whenever they wish – not just at bedtime – as you do with audiobooks.
Kids and toddlers can ask their parents to read the story directly or, instead, listen to the recording! They can make the story up or add to the fairy tale through games or by reading about the animal characters in it.

Joy Tales, quite another story!


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