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One of the tough things about embarking on a diet is staying in it. And a good and common reason behind this is because usually, people do not know how to cook healthy and delicious food in their own homes. The low carb diet is proven to be an effective way of losing weight. However, it is extremely hard to drop carbs, especially when one is at home.

Developer Infocom Corporation utilizes Japanese cuisine to bring the market the app Japanese Diet Recipes – Low Carb, Easy Cooking.

Notice how the Japanese tend to be slimmer than their Western counterparts? Well, this is due in large part to the fare that is prevalent in their country. If you are looking to lose a few pounds, a good way to do this might be to adapt this type of diet; and these recipe books will teach you how to make the meals from scratch.

Japanese Diet Recipes provide a variety of dishes that everyone can do with relative ease. Some examples of healthy but yummy fare in the e-book are teriyaki chicken, shrimp and walnut salad and soy flour cupcakes. High resolution photos allow you to see what the finished product should look like, while the instructions on how to make the dishes are clear and easy to follow.

Aside from the comprehensive recipes, there are a number of useful features inside the application. These include insider tips, a diet food dictionary and a constitution check, which provides you the tools to determine your body type and ideal diet.

Now you can make your own Japanese dishes at home, and wait for the positive change in numbers on the scale! Check out Japanese Diet Recipes in the App Store for only $0.99.

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Asian Low Carb Diet Recipes is a hit diet recipe application in Japan.
This application now includes new recipes for users throughout the world!
There are even more easy-to-understand, easy-to make, colorful, and delicious recipes.

[Market results in Japan] No. 6 on the iTunes Store Paid Apps Chart (Mar 2012)
No. 2 on the iTunes Store Healthcare & Fitness Categories Paid Apps Chart (Mar 2012)
In addition, has been praised on many application review sites.

The Low Carb Diet is currently one of the most popular diet methods in the world.
This application is more than just a Low Carb Diet, it offers recipes that are based on the principles of Yakuzen, making use of the function and effects of various foods to ensure your diet success.
This is why it has become such a successful diet application even in Japan, country of the world's most successful dieters.

[Example recipes] Soy Flour Cupcakes
Teriyaki Chicken
Shachihoko shrimp sauté
Curry Chicken Sauté
Shrimp & Walnut Salad
Tomato & Zucchini Soup

The popularity is not just because of the recipes.
This application also guides you to a successful diet by offering loads of extra content to support your diet effort, including
Tips…Providing tips to help you diet successfully and explanations of the Low-Carb Diet concepts.
Diet Foods Dictionary … Containing carefully-selected ingredients that are most suitable for dieters
Constitution Check … A function to help you determine your body type and condition, so you can choose the foods that will be most effective for your diet.
'Learn what you really need to know in order to have you succeed in diet'

What is Yakuzen (medicinal cooking)?
Yakuzen is way of preparing meals based on principles of Chinese medicine and herbology. The goals can be classified into several types, including maintenance of health, treatment/ prevention of disease, improvement of physical constitution, as a beauty treatment, and prevention of aging.
The basic idea is to select and prepare foods to provide the optimal balance according to the physical constitution and health of each individual in order to improve and maintain health and beauty.

These recipes have been developed by Kokusai Yakuzenshi Dr. Misako Hori, who has often appeared in magazines and on television in Japan.
The recipes based on the Yakuzen principles are not only designed to help you lose weight. They have been designed to make use of the power of the ingredients to promote health and beauty.
If you have ever thought “I don’t just want to lose some weight, I want to become more healthy and more attractive.”, then this is the recipe application that can help you fulfill your wish: Low Carb Diet Recipes.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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