JamPlay Guitar Pack – iPhone App Review

JamPlay Guitar Pack - iPhone App Review

JamPlay Guitar Pack - iPhone App Review

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4Learn how to get your jam on with JamPlay Guitar Play!  Whether you’re picking up a guitar for the first time or you just want to learn something new, check out this app!  Learn from 85 easy to follow videos containing over 1250 chords and 42 scales.  For the beginner, start with the Exercise Library where videos will teach you chords, rhythms, and more.  Watch the instructional videos and then practice with a metronome to keep the time.  For the more advanced, learn new riffs and licks by watching the JamPlay instructors demonstrate their skills.  JamPlay Guitar Play has some cool extras that are great for both beginner and experienced guitar players, including chord and scale libraries, and great utilities like a guitar tuner, metronome, and over 400 original JamPlay background music to help you get your jam on!  While it is great that the app “updates” itself because it is connected to a 3G or WiFi connection, we suggest JamPlay offers another version of the app where the videos download right away so you can learn to play anywhere – whether you have an internet connection or not!


iTunes Descrption
80% Discount – Prices Increasing Soon

JamPlay.com is proud to present its mobile guitar pack. You can now enjoy video guitar lessons on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

This app has been downloaded by tens of thousands of users who have honored us with very high reviews and feedback. We look forward to having you enjoy the app as well!


  • Video Lessons: Hundreds of guitar lessons (licks, riffs, exercises, and more) with new, FREE videos added all the time (no app update required)
  • Tuner: Use your device’s built in microphone to tune your guitar
  • Backing Tracks: Hundreds of exclusive, streaming backing tracks for you to jam with
  • Metronome: Cutomizable with different accents, kits, and beats per minute
  • Chord Library: Thousands of chord voicings with audio playback
  • Scale Library: 42 different scales, each in all 12 keys. With the tap of a button, hear the scales played.
  • Content Updates: We will be frequently adding new content for you to enjoy. Best of all, no app update is needed!


  • #20 Overall in Music (USA)
  • Featured by Apple (USA)
  • Rated 9/10 by AppCraver
  • Rated 4/5 by 148Apps.com
  • Recommended by iUseThisApp


  • More Videos: New videos are added to your app (without any update) as they are released.
  • Chord Identifier: Tap which notes you’re playing and we will tell you the name of the chord
  • Expanded Chord Library: Coming soon is a chord library with over 990,000 voicings (across 28 tunings)


  • You must have an internet connection (Edge, 3G, or WiFi)

If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear them: iphone@jamplay.com.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later

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