iTip Jar – App Review

iTip Jar - App Review

iTip Jar - App Review

AppDictions App Review
There are a lot of tip calculators out there, but few offer the great features that iTip Jar does! First and foremost, it is a simple tip calculator, giving you options to calculate tips with or without tax, and splitting group bills evenly or by actual cost per user. Choose from various tipping situations, such as the typical waiter/waitress and cocktail waiter/waitress to pet groomer, personal shopper, room service and more. After displaying the bill total, iTip Jar allows you to save that total into a log that can be easily accessed when recalling information for an expense report or when splitting gift bills with family. One of the most convenient features of iTip Jar is the Etiquette section. This section offers over 100 tipping etiquette suggestions from your basic point-of-sale services like movers, hotels, car maintenance, and deliveries to yearly tip suggestions for child care, teachers, pets, home care and more! While the tip percentage options are limited in the main tip calculator section of the app, iTip Jar is a must have for business travelers and shoppers alike!


iTunes Description
iTip Jar – A simple intuitive tipping calculator, for the basic user with advanced features for the business professional. Packaged within iTip Jar you will find four powerful and easy to use tools in one single app: Tip Calculator (also operates as a percentage and tax calculator), Contact Manager, Expense Reporting and an Etiquette Guide. Each tool is designed to provide you with the answers you need, quickly, easily and accurately.

The tip calculator allows you to easily calculate tips, taxes and percentage calculations. When tipping you can choose to have the results split evenly or per person, based on each persons spending; using the powerful paper tape feature. The results can then be easily saved for expense reports at work or used to just balance your finances. The paper tape feature is also handy when trying to keep purchases within budget while shopping.

Within the contact section you have the ability to create groups of business contacts and assign a rating to that contact, helping you to remember which restaurant was a five star and which one you probably won’t be taking that special someone to. You also have the ability to assign an expense account to any contacts, which will be used when giving spending reports.

The reporting section allows you to easily view or email spending reports by weekly, monthly or yearly expenditures. The reports can then be emailed in excel, csv or a tab delimited format.

The etiquette section provides tipping etiquette suggestions. Within you can discover the proper tipping for over 100 tipping situations categorized into easy to find categories.

Main Feature List


  • No annoying advertising
  • All financial calculations use base-10 arithmetic, preventing calculation errors


  • Even or exact split calculation
  • Paper tape feature can be used to stay within budget while shopping
  • Set a custom tax rate
  • Turn tax calculation off altogether
  • Choose from various listed preset suggested tipping rates
  • Save results to see where and how much you spend


  • Organize contacts into easy to find groups
  • Easy creation of suggested business or personal categories
  • Rate your experience of the contact for future reference
  • Associate expense groups with the contacts for quick saving and reporting
  • Create address book groups, edit contacts and create contacts all within the app


  • Lists reports for easy viewing within weekly, monthly or yearly spending
  • Email expense reports in excel, csv or tab delimited formats


  • 2 main sections for yearly and point of service etiquette
  • Over 100 etiquette items
  • Provides detailed information on what to tip and who to tip and how to tip

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later

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