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You could argue that at this moment, there’s nothing more popular than social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. To a lesser extent, there’s also Tumblr, Flicker and many others that have found a comfortable, lucrative niche in the World Wide Web. These success stories have inspired endless developers to try their hand at social networking as well. Some have been successful, others not so much, but we can be sure we are far from seeing the last of ‘em.

A new social sharing platform that is sure to gain a lot of buzz is iThrowU. It applies the basic concepts as other applications—you can share photographs or text messages with everyone on the same app. But it has a couple of twists that might actually make it big.

Users receive or “catch” random images or messages from somewhere in the world. They now have the option to review them; rate them and “throw” them back or drop them if you don’t think it is interesting enough to share. You may throw your own material as well; you’ll be immersed in the app, trying to get as many ratings as possible and avoiding getting dropped.

The option to “throw” is the heart of iThrowU. It makes the app much more fun, especially since you do it by mimicking the action of throwing in real life. This will make you feel more important, and the virtual community much more tangible.

Other features add depth to the interesting concept. Share humorous images by replacing your friends’ faces with funny props available in the app. You can track the things you’ve thrown—it’s exciting seeing just where it ended up next. Check out the most interesting items that have been shared with the Top Ten board.

The most successful platforms have always been the ones that are inspired, creative and interactive. There’s nothing more interactive than iThrowU—and it’s free!

iTunes Description
iThrowU is social sharing at its most random and it’s most fun! Download this game-changing digital connection app, throw messages and photos into the world, use amazing face recognition tech to super-impose props over faces in your live camera, and let your thoughts & pics loose all over the world today!

iThrowU is a revolutionary social sharing platform that takes a wildly spontaneous new spin on the notion of digital connection! The app gives you the freedom to create anything from photos to text messages and share them randomly with the world via a single throwing gesture on your iOS device.

Replace faces with props and share the hilarious images on the fly!

– iThrowU includes amazing real-time face recognition technology that allows you to automatically overlap the faces of people you photograph with over 80 uniquely hilarious ‘props’ ranging from the theatrical to the outright goofy, including fake beards, hats, glasses, and much more!

– All props pop up in front of faces live, and automatically move and change size with the motion of faces across the screen! 6 photo effect filters are placed at your disposal as well, ensuring you’ll always have the tools to make the next visual iThrowU classic.

– Even add multiple props to face’s or pictures from your devices library creating layered images.

iThrowU represents digital connection at its most spontaneous and unpredictable!

– Thrown messages will be ‘caught’ at random by other users from all over the world, who in turn can rate the message and either to throw them on to the next random user as well as sharing them via Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS text – or drop them from the system if they’re not impressed!

– Throws are tracked on an animated map so you see where your message go and see what people do once they catch them by simply toggling your catch view. To boot, you have the power to save your favorite caught messages, as well as your own throws for easy reference later.

– iThrowU creates a global content driven sharing forum that’s completely self-policing and self-propelled. Uninspired, offense, or plain old boring content naturally gets dropped – or reported to moderators – while the most intriguing and entertaining content ends up bounced around from user to user and shared all over the world!

Become a part of the global iThrowU community.

– Users can keep track of the most popular ‘Throws’ making their rounds among users with a handy Top Ten Throws board. The top spots are decided by you, so take an active hand in helping the cream of the random messaging crop rise to the top by regularly judging and commenting on the messages you catch!

– iThrowU also features a Weekly Challenge that picks a specific word or theme and lets users go wild.Want to compete? It’s as simple as thinking up a winning idea, accepting the challenge with the click of a button, and throwing your entry out into the world!

Get in on iThrowU action online view by participating at

– Random global photo and message sharing.
– Dynamic live face recognition technology to let you super-impose props onto faces, in real-time!
– Integration with Facebook and Twitter.
– Intuitive ‘throwing’ and ‘catching’ motion controls.
– Live Top Ten Throws list.
– Weekly themed challenge.
– Simple gesture-based message zooming and minimizing features.
– Multiple language options including:
   – English
   – Russian
   – Japanese
   – Chinese
   – Portuguese
   – Spanish
   – Italian

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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