iTask a Project Management App That Solves Organizational Issues

iTask App Review

iTask App Review

AppDictions App Review
Planning a project? Need to stay organized? Have a major deadline to meet??  “iTask” is a project management app that may solve your organizational issues while helping  you stay on top of your priorities.  Create a project easily with a name and description, save, then move on to entering a “to do” list of items that need to be completed in order to accomplish your task.  “To do” items can be entered by selecting the “edit graph” option.  As you enter items related to a specific project you will also be able to add the estimated amount of time you feel is necessary finish each step.  The “to do” items will show on a graph that you can position and relate each to one another however you see fit.  Once you complete a “to do” item, mark as “done”, and move on to the next.  “iTask” can hold an unlimited number of projects – great for those who sometimes find themselves “biting off more than they can chew”! 


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The app provides diagramming interface for composing tasks into projects. The tasks of a project can be connected with each other according to desired dependency/sequence of tasks (for example, task A must start only after tasks B and C are completed or another example – tasks B and C must begin after completion of task A). When user starts the project then items for initial tasks are generated for “ToDo List”. When user marks ToDo item as “Done” then this item gets moved to “Done List” and new ToDo items are generated for the following tasks according to connections between tasks in the project diagram. If the tasks has subtasks then ToDo items are generated from its subtasks and the task is moved in Done List only when all its subtasks are marked as “Done”.


  • Diagramming interface for presenting dependencies/sequence of tasks in a project.
  • Resizable project diagram sheet with scrolling if diagram exceeds screen size.
  • Unlimited number of sub-tasking levels for any task.
  • Detection and prevention of infinite cycles of tasks.
  • Unlimited number of projects supported.
  • Project with status “In Progress” can be cancelled anytime.
  • Finished/Cancelled project can be re-started any number of times.
  • Item grouping by projects in ToDo List.
  • Automatic generation of the next ToDo items for the item marked as done.
  • Indications of task progress and overdue items in ToDo List.
  • Ability to assign an executor of a ToDo item.
  • Changeable sorting order for ToDo List.
  • Retina Display support.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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