iSocialize – App Review

iSocialize - App Review

iSocialize - App Review

AppDictions App Review
If you are someone who is constantly attached to your phone – whether with social networking, texting, or checking out You Tube, get ready for iSocialize!  iSocalize has everything you need to keep in touch with your favorite people! Not only does iSocialize offer Facebook and Twitter combined into this super app, it also includes tons of extra features to make your Facebook/Twitter updates and text messages truly unique!  Browse through hundreds of famous quotes and jokes for any occasion to bring a new perspective to your status updates or cheer up a friend through text.  Words are a little too “formal”?  iSocalize offers dozens of images, symbols, SMS art, and animated emotions to choose from that are sure to brighten anyone’s day!  Read the latest news, play your music, view You Tube videos, and keep track of your friends birthdays with iSocialize!  It is easy to see why iSocialize has become a favorite app to iOS users – find out what all the hype is about and download today!


iTunes Description
Featured by Apple in *All-Time* Top Paid apps AND Top 10 best Social Networking app for 2010! 

50% off for a very limited time to celebrate!!! Get it NOW!!! 

iSocialize… do you?
FULL Facebook app AND Twitter app combined into a single one, plus MUCH more to update Facebook, Twitter, MMS, SMS and e-mail! Just get it and you will see! 

1 app only instead of 18??? At this crazy low price? Yes, you got it!!! 

  • Facebook App
  • Twitter App
  • Animated Emoticons – Great for MMS!
  • Emoji for SMS
  • SMS Art
  • Quotes
  • Image Search
  • YouTube Share
  • Music Share
  • Your Location
  • Virtual Gifts – Great for MMS!
  • Facebook Birthdays with notifications!
  • Symbols + dılɟ + ⓢⓣ㋡ⓛⓔⓢ
  • Quick Status
  • Web Search
  • Jokes
  • News
  • Your pictures

Facebook and Twitter apps
Easily and conveniently switch from Facebook to Twitter to follow and interact with your entire social life. 

Animated Emoticons
Have fun with emoticons ANIMATING on your iPhone screen and send them via MMS, email or Facebook/Twitter. 

Get for FREE the Emoji keyboard! 

Send cool text-based images via SMS and e-mail! 

Symbols + dılɟ + ⓢⓣ㋡ⓛⓔⓢ
IMPRΣSS ⓐⓝⓓ ՏմɾԹɾíՏҽ your friends with the largest selection of symbols ❤☺✌☀☼☁☂☾✓✗✂☆∞❢✈✆☎☊♪♫✍☮. Flip your message or use the styles to make your posts unique: ʇxǝʇ uʍop-ǝpısdn ɥʇıʍ spuǝıɹɟ ɹnoʎ ǝsıɹdɹnS. Try it with SMS too! 

Over 65 years of daily inspiring quotes to get tons of comments on your updates. Organized by Category, Authors or Keywords with search capability. 

Image Search
Search the web for the right image to go with your post: a city landscape to send as a postcard, that actor/actress you love and just any image you can find on the web! 

YouTube Share
Search, preview and post YouTube videos: a music video, an “Happy Birthday” song, a movie trailer, your videos on YouTube. 

Music Share
Share the music you are listening to (#nowplaying). Watch music videos from YouTube of the songs you are playing. Check Top 50 charts for Music Singles, Album and Videos from iTunes to get the latest hits. Buy the songs directly from the app. 

Share your current location, so friends can join you wherever you are: the map of your location will be added to your messages. Snap a picture and add the map to it: the picture PLUS the map will be posted. 

Virtual Gifts
The most beautiful Collection of Virtual Gifts to make your posts more colorful, fun and entertaining! Over 1,000 amazingly breathtaking images and realistic icons organized in categories (Flowers, Kisses, Girls, Guys, Drinks, Animals, Balloons) or events (Birthday, Love, Friendship, Wedding, Baby Born, Celebration and any Holidays) 

Birthdays notifications
Get notifications of your Facebook friends’ birthdays, so you will never miss one again! Then, go back to the Collection and send a beautiful gift to celebrate it! 

Quick Status
Update your Facebook and Twitter status with a single tap. Save your commonly used status and update your social networks without typing! 

Web Search
Search the web, preview and share any link. 

Enjoy the funniest jokes and share them with your friends! 

Check the latest news and share them: Entertainment, Sport, Business, World, Science, Health and more. 

Your Pictures
Take a picture with your iPhone camera or pick an existing one to share it. And, only with iSocialize, check how many people watched it! 

Post any of the above on your Facebook wall or update your Twitter status. Or do both at the same time with a single tap! You can also post it on friends’ Walls, Pages and Groups or directly to your Twitter followers. 

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later 

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