iSleepin iPhone Alarm Clock App Gets You up in the Morning


iSleepin iPhone Alarm Clock App Gets You up in the Morning

An Alarm Clock App That Allows You to Play Simple Games To Help Wake Up!

iSleepin Pro is a multipurpose alarm clock iPhone app for your iPhone device. This alarm clock app comes with several features that will help you wake up on time and make your days more productive.

The app is designed to look like a traditional alarm clock that you would typically have on your night stand. The interface displays the time in 24h or 12h formats and there’s a 4-day weather forecast displayed at the bottom of the screen. There’s also a brightness setting which lets you change your device’s brightness by moving the slider back and forth.

To get the most out this app you have to go into the settings menu where you can personalize the app to your preferences. You can choose whether or not you want the app to display your device’s battery level, enable dimming settings, toggle weather preferences and enable or disable alarm expiry.

Adding an alarm is straight forward and there are plenty of settings you can modify for each alarm. You’ll find an array of standard settings such as alarm title, alarm time, frequency and alarm tone. The built in alarm sound is an upbeat song arrangement that plays repeatedly as you wake up and there’s also an option to add your own wake up tune from your music library.


One of the most defining features of this app is the use of Task Groups to wake you up. A task group is a set of tasks you have to perform in order for the alarm to stop ringing. There are equations, mazes, pattern tracing and puzzles at various difficulties that you have to complete in order for you to stop the alarm. This is a really effective implementation to the app as it requires you to be more awake than if you were simply reaching over to hit a snooze button.

iSleepin Pro is $0.99 from the iTunes app store and is compatible with all ios devices. This is a highly recommended app if you’re tired of your default alarm scaring you out of bed every morning.

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