iRake Baseball Swing Trainer iPhone App Improve Your Hitting

iRake Baseball Swing Trainer iPhone App Improve Your Hitting

iRake Baseball Swing Trainer iPhone App Improve Your Hitting

Improve Your Baseball Swing and Technique with iRake iPhone Sports App

iRake is a baseball swing trainer iPhone app designed to improve your technique through image and video analysis. Specifically built for athletes and those in practice, iRake offers users with a fun and effective way to improve their baseball skills anywhere.

After signing up for a free account with your email address or social media profile, you can create a personalized user profile with information such as your name, date of birth, location, and interesting facts about yourself. When complete, your user profile will give you access to all your practice videos and allow you to connect with other users.

To start using the app during your practice session all you have to do is tap on “Record New Swing”. You’ll then be taken to a video recorder where you can record a video clip of your swing using a custom viewfinder. The overlay – a depiction of a baseball player in the ready position – shows you how to position yourself within the frame and can be flipped to match the stance of left and right handed players.

Once you’re satisfied with the recording, the app will start the first step of your swing analysis by instructing you to “thumbs up” on the part of the video when your bat hits the ball. This so called impact point is saved to the Analyze Swing section of the app where you can review it and give it a star rating out of five.


Swiping across from the left side of your screen reveals more analysis features, the first one being a compare tool. This tool can be used to play two of your swing videos simultaneously, giving you the ability to visualize differences in stri0king techniques and make correct adjustments when needed.

Another feature, which is not so much of an analysis tool but rather a reference guide for your practice sessions, is the Pro Swings section.  From here you can access swing videos from actual professional baseball players.

The app currently has 3 free pro swings from Drew Cumberland (San Diego Padres), Doug Bernier (New York Yankees), and Ryan Ditthardt (Houston Astros). There is also an extra Pro Swing from Brayan Pena of the Kansas City Royals which can be viewed after buying it for $0.99.

The Training Wall section has a similar concept to Pro Swings but replaces videos of professional baseball players with those of other members using iRake. In addition, you can use the Traning Wall to upload videos of your swings and have other users comment on them.

From recording your swing video to using the analysis tools, the app’s simplistic design makes it easy to progress through your training sessions with minimal interference. You can use this app in any location, whether an actual baseball field or make-shift practice room, and you’ll always feel like your practicing for a big game.

This is a perfect app for anyone looking for way to improve their baseball swings and become a better athlete. iRake is $2.99 from iTunes and is compatible with iPhone.

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