iPhone Yoga Free App is a Perfect Balance of Mind and Body


iPhone Yoga Free App is a Perfect Balance of Mind and Body

Yoga Free is One of the Best iPhone Yoga Apps Out

Yoga Free is as an iPhone yoga exercise app for busy people who want a way to practice yoga on the move. The iPhone yoga app comes loaded with 250 free yoga exercises you can add to your daily routine as well as programs designed for both beginner and advanced users.

The app contains two program modes with different yoga asanas that will help you learn how to relax. The first program is the Quick Recipe program which contains ready-made routines for beginners. Tapping on this program reveals the Sun Salutation for wellness, a 14 minute workout routine with about 50 different poses.

Each pose comes with a description explaining how to position your body with images showing what your form should look like and the muscle groups that are affected. You can also listen to an audio description of the exercise and view a quick video clip to see how you should move during each pose.

The Fast Mode program is where you can create your custom yoga programs by selecting from a list of the included 250 yoga poses. The poses are separated into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Guru Levels. There’s also an alternative search feature that lets you browse through all poses in alphabetic order.

After adding the different poses to your custom program you can start your exercise routine. A timer appears at the top of the screen counting down the length of each pose. You can also add your own background music or choose from the default soundtrack of relaxing sounds that come with the app.

As you experiment with different workouts and poses you can track your progress from the calendar in the main menu. The calendar gives you a complete history of the types of workouts you performed on different days with a timer that shows you the total time spent on yoga since you started using the app.

The app’s purple color scheme is very soothing and the videos and pictures for each pose add a nice touch to the user experience. In addition to the included poses, you can unlock bonus poses by inviting your friends to install the app on their iOS devices or Liking the app’s Facebook page.

Overall this app is the perfect tool for getting your daily yoga workouts done and will make you feel more relaxed if you stick to it. Yoga Free is compatible with the iPhone and is free to download from iTunes. There’s also a premium version available which contains a 300 poses for you to try out.

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