iPediatric iPhone Medical App Tracks the Health of Your Baby


iPediatric iPhone Medical App Tracks the Health of Your Baby

Track Your Newborns Health with iPediatric iPhone App

iPediatric is a medical app for kids – with an extensive database containing hundreds of medical conditions and health tips, the medical app is the equivalent of having a pediatrician in your pocket. This comprehensive health app will give you the tools needed to properly monitor your child’s daily health and cut down trips to the doctor’s office.

The app is divided into four sections containing different types of health information and advice. There is a dictionary, a development log, a symptom check, health charts and a baby monitor. Here’s what you can expect from each section:

Dictionary – As the name implies the dictionary is where you can look up definitions of any health terms you come across. There are references to over 120 medical terms with descriptions explaining how to identify symptoms and possible home treatments.

Symptom Checker – This is the default screen the app starts in and allows you diagnose illnesses by going through a list of symptoms. Upon completing the symptom checker you’ll be directed to another screen telling you right course of to take based on the symptoms you entered.

Baby monitor – The baby monitor gives you the ability to keep track of your child’s weight and height. You can add different babies to the monitor and record their progress through dairy entries and photo logs. Adding a baby to the app requires you to enter several details including name, sex, birthdate, congenital disorders, blood group, pediatrician office number, and much more.

Health Charts- The health chart section gives you a visual representation of your child’s weight and height development in the form of line graphs. The charts also display the average growth trend in your child’s age group which serves as a guideline to ensure your child is growing at a normal pace.

Development Log – The development log provides a more in-depth assessment of your child’s development by giving you a list of actions you have to perform to ensure proper development. You’ll be given advice on what to expect during different stages of growth and what to do when you notice certain symptoms.

In all four sections, there’s a handy icon at the top right you can tap on to quickly call up your child’s pediatrician in the event of an emergency. You can also share things such health charts and your baby profiles to twitter, Facebook or email.

iPediatric app interface is simple and contains a ton of information. Navigating from one section to the other is similar to navigating through your music collection and the design elements also have the same look and feel to that of a default iOS application. The can be used by anyone regardless of how familiar you are with different medical terms. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, single parent or a professional, this app will allow you to effectively monitor your child’s health without the need to read through complicated terms or prescriptions.

Overall this is iPediatric is a great tool for parents with children. This comprehensive health app will provide you with an effective way to identify your child’s health problems and solve them the best way possible. iPediatric costs $2.99 from iTunes and is compatible with iPhone.

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