iPal for iPhone the App that will Become Your New Best Friend

iPal for iPhone the App that will Become Your New Best Friend

iPal for iPhone the App that will Become Your New Best Friend

iPal: Your Best Virtual Friend is an application that brings a new kind of friendship to your life. A virtual companion, enjoy jokes, games and more with a friend that you create all on your device.

After launch users are prompted to enter in the name of the friend they would like to make. Accompanied by the desired sex of your friend and your name and birthday, info for users is made simple to enter in. After these short entries, all users are able to use the application. Greeted by their friend on the right and tabs for features on the left, the layout is clean and organized.

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After creating your friend the fun has only just begun. With the ability to dress them up and customize their looks, users can create the friend they had in mind. Your new friend is ready to interact with thanks to the ability of him/her being able to tell you short stories, jokes, and even interesting facts. As you use the application all of these can be found later on the timeline. With advice and horoscopes also available your new virtual friend is always there.

Users can even customize iPal to work however they would like it to. From deciding when your friend wakes up and goes to sleep, to when he or she “calls” you, it’s all your choice. You can even enjoy a game of tic tac toe or checkers with them whenever you’d like.

A great app for those looking for fun or trying something new, iPal will be a cool addition to your device. iPal: Your Best Virtual Friend is available in the App Store for 99 cents for all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

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