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iOver Golf App Review

iOver Golf is a revolutionary new app that aims to improve your golf skills by transforming your iPhone or iPad into your very own mobile caddie. This app will enable you to sink your shots with repeated accuracy and help you perfect your golfing technique in the shortest amount of time.

iOver works by detecting eye movements in order to determine the best position to make each put. This feature takes advantage of your front facing camera and tells you how to align your club so that your eye is directly aligned over the golf ball.

The best thing about iOver is that it can be used just about anywhere. You can use it to practice your shots on the field, in your office or any other location you choose. The detailed instruction videos walk you through every aspect of using iOver Golf and provide you with enough information to use the app effectively.

Once you begin using this app on a regular basis you’ll notice an overall improvement in your game even when you’re not using the app. There are settings to accommodate for left and right handed players and even options to adjust the app to different lighting conditions when necessary.

Overall, this app is great companion for any newbie golfer looking to get that extra edge on the field. The app costs $1.99 and is compatible with all current iOS devices.

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iOver Golf - The First Step to a Great Putt - MEA Mobile ★★★½☆

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iOver Golf – The First Step to a Great Putt.

IMPORTANT: App Requires Front Facing Camera for Eye Tracking and is NOT compatible with iPhone 3GS.

The iOver Golf App will help you putt your golf ball on your intended line.

Here’s the reality:

You can make a perfect putting stroke, but if you are off line by a small margin, you will miss the putt.

You can make a very imperfect stroke, but if you have it on line, you much more likely to make the putt.

“Putting mechanics are mostly a matter of preference, but there is one universal rule for putts from six feet and in: Eyes over the ball…you'll see the line better. Come to think of it, it's a good rule for all putts.” 
– Dave Stockton

“Second, your eyes should be over the ball. The most important part of 'over the ball' is what I call 'down the line, over the ball.' It may be a little behind the ball which is the way I putt so that I can see the line. Or, what is probably preferable, and a way I wish I could’ve putt, is my eyes directly over the ball.” 
– Jack Nicklaus

Most golfers have heard that to make a good putt they have to have their eyes over the ball. Having a good putting stroke is important and you should work on your tempo, putter path, etc. These lessons, tools and analysis can cost hundreds of dollars.

With the iOver Golf App you will use the latest in iSight technology from Apple to align your eyes directly over the golf ball.

Simply place the iPhone on the ground and align your putter head to the side of the iPhone. Look down at your iPhone as if it is your golf ball and the iPhone will adjust your position until your eyes are directly over the ball. It is that simple.

The iOver Golf app can be used:
– At the course, on the practice putting green, before you play to check your eye position.
– At the office, during your breaks, to practice good eye position.
– At home, in your living room.
– Anywhere you have your iPhone!

Advantages of the iOver Golf app:
– Everyone has their iPhone with them all the time allowing you to practice eye alignment anytime.
– Alignment is exact and perfect.
– It is inexpensive. You can't buy a mirror for $1.99!
– It only takes about 30 seconds to align your eyes using the app.
– You can use it every time before you play.

Try the iOver Golf App today!



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