InstaTodo – App Review

InstaTodo - App Review

InstaTodo - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Lists are supposed to make life easier and save us time.  So why do other task lists delete your list after you completed a task?  That doesn’t save time!  InstaTodo is different and better than your average task list app – it saves your lists as a template that you can use over and over again!  And if you’re not good at creating common task lists – like packing for a trip, stocking up for your next family BBQ, packing to move, or going camping/fishing – InstaTodo relieves your stress by providing ready-made lists that you can add too!  InstaTodo even provides a grocery checklist template so you can save paper by just bringing your phone with you to the store.  InstaTodo helps you share you’re favorite lists with friends, family, and colleagues with an email option.  There are literally hundreds of uses for this app – stop wasting time by re-creating lists and use that time to do what you really want to do!


iTunes Description
Templates make InstaTodo special! InstaTodo adds customized Template to sophisticated to-do list to save time and make life easier. Reusable Templates help you easily create task or to-do list knowing that no critical steps have been forgotten.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel each time you pack a suitcase for a business trip, or go to the grocery store to buy supplies for your annual family BBQ.

InstaTodo is the only to-do list manager for the iPhone and iPod touch that lets you create time-saving custom Templates for all of your to-do list needs.

Use InstaTodo to quickly create a new to-do list. Or choose a Template from a library of useful, thoughtful Templates.

A single tap turns your to-do list into a Template that you can use over and over again. And a single tap turns your Template into a to-do list so you can manage your life better. It’s easy to share your Templates with family, friends, and business colleagues.

Most to-do list apps delete items when you mark them as complete. With InstaTodo, you can create Templates that will be there the next time you need to craft a similar to-do list. Whether it’s creating a grocery list or writing your New Year’s resolutions, InstaTodo lets you create better lists faster.

Checklists, resources, and suggestions can easily be incorporated into InstaTodo Templates. Break big projects into small and manageable task lists.

Use InstaTodo to create emergency lists before an emergency arises. Or take advantage of InstaTodo’s library of Templates that will help you when you’re in a car accident, or when your babysitter has an emergency in your house.


  • Easily create standardized, repetitive and commonly used tasks and to-do lists based on reusable Templates
  • Create new or modify existing Templates to fit your specific needs
  • Save any Task or to-do list as a Template to be reused at later time
  • Use built-in handy Templates for commonly used tasks
  • Full iOS4 and iPhone 4 support
  • Create to-do list directly from Desktop or Web Browser using myPhoneDesktop app (see
  • Work with Single tasks, Projects and Checklists
  • Create tasks with unlimited sub-tasks
  • Work with unlimited task’s hierarchy with full hierarchy view and ability to expand/collapse any task’s and its sub-tasks
  • Support for “canceled” tasks allowing to have some sub-tasks incomplete upon project completion
  • Full Location Services with ability to specify coverage area for each individual location
  • View all locations on map in a single view with balloons showing number of open and overdue tasks
  • Nearby Smart List to show all tasks that are near current location
  • Actions (e.g., Call Contact, or Take Photo) that must to be performed upon task completion
  • Local notifications and App Badges to stay informed about overdue or needed to be done soon tasks
  • Share tasks and Templates via e-mail with ability to import tasks into InstaTodo app on another iDevice
  • Share tasks via SMS
  • Synchronization ( to start, more to come…)
  • Organize tasks using Lists, Smart Lists, Locations and Categories
  • Custom tasks Sorting/Grouping per each List or reorder tasks manually
  • Quick Entry mode to add tasks from anywhere in the application
  • Specify task’s Start, Due and Review Dates and Times
  • Multiple reminders
  • Copy task to clipboard and paste it as a new task or as a Template
  • Work with multiple tasks at once e.g., complete or move to another List

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later

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