InstaFeedCleaner Gives You an Instant Overview of the InstaGram Users You Follow


InstaFeedCleaner App Review


Why should you continue following people who obviously are not interested or just don’t want to interact with you by liking or commenting on your photos on Instagram? There is no reason. InstaFeedCleaner will allow you to find out who is active or passive towards your feed.

The app works by analyzing your photos and listing all of your followers in order from least active to very active or vice versa. Upon opening the app you will be prompted to sign into your Instagram account and then you will select how you want to sort your followers based on activity. Next you will need to select how many photos to analyze. You can pick 20, 40 or 60 photos to analyze. Once the analysis are done then you will be brought to a screen where you can see who has liked or commented on the number of photos you picked. Based on the results that come up you can decide whether to unfollow or keep following someone. If you want to unfollow then you can hit “Actions” by the person’s name and then hit unfollow or if you would just like to view someone’s profile on Instagram you can select “View in IG”.

The app goes for $0.99 on the App Store and is a good tool if you have lots of Instagram followers and want to manage them easily.


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InstaFeedCleaner - SunnarSoft Ltd ★★★½☆

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InstaFeedCleaner gives you an instant overview of the InstaGram users you follow, so you can easily see who "Likes" or comments on your photos. When your IG feed is cluttered with photos from users who rarely interact with your own uploads, just check the app to easily decide who to unfollow. Click "…More" to learn why you should download this App today!

Are you tired of following ghosts in InstaGram? You know the ones. They follow you, just hoping you'll follow them back, then you never hear from them again. They have no intention of looking at your photos. They just wanted another follower. If you follow enough of these people, it won't be long before your feed is too large to figure out who actually comments on your photos and who is just collecting followers. Fortunately you've got InstaFeedCleaner! Now you can streamline your feed and only see the photos you want to see!

InstaFeedCleaner Features Include:

* Sorted list of followers and their recent activity toward your photos

* Easily get an overview of the InstaGram users you are following

* Unfollow a user right from the app

* Launch InstaGram from the app to view a user's profile

* Accurate analysis of number of "Likes" per photo

InstaFeedCleaner gives you a close-up look at your followers' recent activity toward your images. The sorted list tells you just how many times a user has Liked or commented on your last 20, 40 or 60 photos. The list lets you know at a glance who your real friends are, and who you can unfollow without feeling guilty. When you identify someone who doesn't interact with your pictures, getting them out of your feed is as easy as tapping the "Unfollow" button right in the app.

Of course there are people you may have followed simply because you liked the pictures they added, and you never expected them to comment on yours in the first place. If you're not sure whether or not to unfollow a particular user, just tap the "View in IG" button to launch their profile in InstaGram and have a look around. If you like what you see, great! If not, you can still drop them from your feed with a single tap.

InstaFeedCleaner is a quick and easy way to trim your IG feed down to a manageable size. Download it now and put your focus back where it belongs; on the "IG Friends" that really matter to you.

This product uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram.


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