iNow – Friendly To-Do List – App Review

iNow - Friendly To-Do List - App Review

iNow - Friendly To-Do List - App Review

AppDictions App Review
iNow, a friendly to-do-list that keeps you up to speed with life’s task in this very fast pace world. iNow makes managing your task simple and it’s not a calendar organizer that becomes more work then your tasks. iNow is more of a personal planner and helps you manage your daily tasks.  With the drag and drop, prioritizing, and delegating functionality this app keeps you organized. The development and functionality of the app is perfect for this style application. 


iTunes Description 

  • 5th August 2010 – – “iNow might be the productivity app the iPad has been waiting for”.
  • There is no greater burden than a to-do list with too many tasks to do at once.
  • This iPad friendly personal planner is about a simple way to prioritize your day. It is not a calendar organizer which becomes as much work as the tasks you want to organize. The use of the calendar is simple and transparent, making all your actions drag and drop. Just drag a todo task from today to tomorrow, but we encourage you to-do it today.

Best used iNow will give you some personal freedom by: 

  • allowing you to focus on which tasks are really important
  • prioritizing your todo’s with a simple flick
  • getting small tasks out of your way
  • delegating those todo’s that can be done by someone else.

Designing iNow we focussed on creating a to-do organizer to make what needs doing now be lighter, faster and tactile. We have used all the iPad innovations to make your job of organizing todo tasks simple, smooth and fun. 

After all its your time and its precious and finite so we want you to make the most of it and have a great life. Stone Soup is about making things happen. 

What’s New in Version 1.2.01 

We are responding very quickly to Feature requests by Users, keep it coming! Please report any difficulties, however minor. We cannot improve without your feedback. 

v.1.2.01 – Language Improvements. A bug reported and fixed to improve stability after Delegation of tasks. 

v 1.2.00 – New Features. ITunes File sharing allows you to backup and restore your data. Color selection for tasks by a keyboard Toolbar. The Long date includes the day of the week. Via file sharing you can load Import.txt (a list of single lined tasks) directly into the Not Now Bin. A “Simple Mode” allows the current tasks to move from one day to the next. Localizations added in German,French, Japanese, and Spanish. Bug Fixes: Improved the grab of task within the NotNow bin. Drawing bug when the iPad was flat on the table. 

v 1.1.02– Bugs: Fixed a landscape confusion between swipe and grabbing a block and moving it immediately right. 

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later 

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