Information 30 iPad App Demo

Information 30 iPad App Demo

Information 30 iPad App Demo

Information 30 is a word app for iPad that gives you a fun and easy way to expand your vocabulary daily with word definitions, fun facts and history. For each day of the month, you’ll be given a new word to explore so you can understand the meanings behind the word, common phrases and other interesting information.

The user interface has a simple calendar design that displays the words over every date and a navigation menu at the bottom for exploring the different parts of the word such as definition of the word, sayings, quotes, history, and facts. This gives you five things you can learn everyday about a new word.


In addition to providing regular dictionary definitions, the definition section of the app also includes the etymology of the word and adjectives. In the sayings section you can learn some common idioms that can be used with the word or use the history section to discover the origin of the word.

Data for each section is updated each day for the current date and each month for the entire grid which means that you’ll never see the same word repeated while you use the app. Not only does this help increase your vocabulary but it also allows you to discover new ways of using words in your daily life so you can become a better communicator.

Information 30 is a great tool for classrooms, family members, and writers looking for a comprehensive word app for iPad. You can download Information 30 from the iTunes app store for $1.99 and use it on any iPad running iOS 5.1 or later.

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