The Incredible Tiles 2048 iOS App Demo

The Incredible Tiles 2048 iOS App Demo

The Incredible Tiles 2048 iOS App Demo

From angry birds to flappy birds and more the App Store is popular for having popular game series that are all the rage one day, and gone the next. While developers find ways to make their games popular enough one minute they fail to have that competitive edge to hold its position. The new app “The Incredible Tiles 2048” is a new addition to the app store excelling the classic 2048 gameplay to new levels. Teleport, avoid bricks and do even more crazy things while playing the board game you know and love all in one great application, it’s a whole new kind of fun.

After launch all users are brought to a menu where they can find options the game has to offer. Thanks to its nice design and cool sounds right after launch players are able to feel quite comfortable. With playable game modes displayed on the left side of the screen, getting started with a game is quite easy. When you’re ready to begin playing simply toggle to your desired game mode and tap it to begin.

The classic 2048 gameplay was challenging, yet simple. While it quickly got everybody talking, it seemed like just as quickly they weren’t. “The Incredible Tiles 2048” adds the missing pieces needed to keep the fun of 2048 going on game after game after game. There are three available modes for players to pick from; arcade, classic 4×4 and classic 5×5. Each game mode leans on the same style and rules of the classic gameplay we know and love. Players must simply swipe the fingers across the board to put together like numbered tiles making them add up into higher numbered ones. Each level has a passing score for players to aim for, by meeting that passing score with fewer swiped moves earns players stars. While it’s already challenging not to fill up the board from a game over screen, earning three stars on each level can prove to be quite the challenge, can you handle it?

In addition to it’s normal gameplay “The Incredible Tiles 2048” also features tons of zany new additions all helping to make it the great application it is. With a daily event and 30 challenging levels to play through the further you get the more challenges arise. Use tile springs, enlargers and keep your tiles out of the way from bricks. Each of these things and more help add a fun new element to the game that once before wasn’t possible. Use boosts to double tiles, erase tiles, and even clear the playing field. There’s plenty of new additions making this app one that you’ll want to keep playing on your device for quite some time.

“The Incredible Tiles 2048” is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 4.3 or later.

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