iMusician PJS – App Review

iMusician PJS - App Review

iMusician PJS - App Review

AppDictions App Review
iMusician PJS is a true musician’s app!  This app allows you to be a singer, song writer, and composer all in one place.  Choose from a virtually endless number of chords with the ability to easily drag and drop your creations to the “Chord Bar”. Once you have your melody down move on to recording your own voice.  There’s also an option to “write down” your lyrics using the transparent lyrics composer.  Want to share your talent with your friends? iMusician allows you to send your creation via PDF, MP3, or MDI. So you think you can sing… Compose… Be a virtual rock star?  Why not start here!


iTunes Description
Catch your inspiration: EASY, FAST , INTUITIVE and INNOVATIVE!

iMusician PJS Chords & Voice lets you write easily with an innovative chords composer your song and even record your voice!

Main functionality of iMusician PJS : “Voice & Chords”:

1) You can choose between 9800 chords(fast editor)
2) Try your inspiration with our “Chords Bar”
3) Drag & Drop Composing
4) Record your melody with your voice or an instrument.
5) Write down your lyrics with the transparent lyrics composer
6) Export your song as PDF, MP3 or MIDI
7) Send the PDF , MP3 or MIDI via email
8) Advanced function like copy/paste

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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