iFood Pro Calorie Counter – App Review

iFood Pro Calorie Counter - App Review

iFood Pro Calorie Counter - App Review

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It would be a huge understatement to say that people want to keep track of their calorie/nutrition intake. Many people also own an iPhone/iPod Touch. It seems like brilliant idea to use your iDevice to keep track of your diet, and that’s where iFood Pro comes in. With this impressive and useful app, all you have to do is search for the food that you have eaten, and the app finds it (It has a massive library; I punched in the cereal I had for breakfast this morning and it found it, no problem!). After your search it’s just a matter of entering how much you had (by weight). Because of this vastly useful feature, iFood seems to be one of the easiest calorie counters to date. The next feature great feature is the activity section, where you enter what you do throughout the day; whether play basketball or simply taking a bath, this app knows how much you burn while taking on daily activities. There is also a graph section which displays your calorie intake and weight for long-term tracking.

The interface mainly consists of your standard iOS lists, but a lot of them have their own colorful icons too, which fit in really well and just add to the aesthetics of the app. The background is a rather nice texture which yet again just makes the app feel more solid and worthy. Overall, everything runs very smoothly and we can’t find a single thing wrong with the UI.

So, with iFood by your side, you never need to worry about that sneaky piece of cake you had with your coffee earlier, or that celebratory meal you were taken out for – as you can easily find just about any food and log it. Probably the easiest to use calorie tracker we have seen on the app store!


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iFood Pro: Your diet… on your iPhone!

iFood Pro is the easiest App to use for the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad, than has ever been made to make you stay in shape by eating healthy.

Want to reach your target weight without too much effort with strict diets that are impossible to follow after a few days? Want to be in perfect shape for summer?
iFood Pro is right for you! With iFood Pro you can keep track of everything you eat and adjusted according to the energy needs if you eat more or less, and especially how to divide the macronutrients in a day!

iFood Pro is the right application for you, whether you’re an athlete or a sedentary, controlling your diet has never been so easy! Track the foods you eat and you get a great result!

iFood Pro does not require any internet connection to work, you can use it anywhere!
Moreover, it is a Universal App, which means that you buy once and you can use it both on the iPhone / iPod touch on your iPad, which will be use all of its large display.


  • Database with about 3500 foods.
  • Database with about 500 physical activities and sports with their caloric burning rate.
  • Simple search of foods based on name.
  • Energy graph for every food.
  • Detailed chemical composition for all foods.
  • Ability to add new foods to the database.
  • Ability to keep track of eaten food using a serving portion for that food.
  • Manage a list of favorite foods.
  • Graphical and numerical indications on the amount (and remaining in excess) of macronutrients that you can take for the current day, calculated on the basis of caloric intake.
    • Graphs of energy intake and weight changes.
  • Automatic calculation of values such as energy requirements and ideal weight according to your data.
  • Send by E-mail a brief summary of the nutritional values of foods.
  • Set distribution of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats).
  • Supports Retina Display.

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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

iPhone Version:
iFood Pro: Calorie Counter - Vito Bellini

iPad Version:
iFood Pro: Calorie Counter - Vito Bellini

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