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Physicians are incredibly skilled professionals who help people—they are just regular folk like everyone else. Regular folk who may be in need of a little help sometimes. Nowadays, no help comes better than in the form of technology.

Application developer Luis Medinavi knows how much doctors have on their plate so they have designed a cool new app especially to make their lives easier. iDoctor Pro gives the physicians a nifty tool to keep track of their work.

Basically, iDoctor Pro is an organizer for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It has all the information a doctor needs with him at all times. Hopping from clinic to clinic may be tough for a physician, as different records are placed in different places. With this application, all the data can be in his pocket anywhere he goes. The information on all the patients are all stored in the app, complete with medical history, clinical and laboratory analysis and more.

Personally track your career not just with the progress of your individual patients. The statistics page displays compartmentalizes all your cases in different categories, so you can look at it from a variety of perspectives.

This iDoctor Pro not only helps you store information, it also reminds you of important appointments day-to-day. You can schedule alerts when you need to be reminded of a meeting or consultation.

This is not a game, so iDoctor Pro provides a straightforward layout. The design of the app is integrated well into the iDevice so you don’t have to pore over the app to get the hang of it. It is ad-free, so there are no annoying pop-ups hampering your productivity at the workplace.

The iDoctor Pro is available at the App Store for $1.99.

iTunes Description
iDoctor Pro Medical History is the most complete database for control patients, designed especially for doctors, where you can create customized medical history for each, and extend the database according to your medical specialty.

With iDoctor Pro Medical History you will have the patient information in your pocket, you can generate medical history in PDF and send it by e-mail to yourself or a colleague to treat your patient.

iDoctor Pro Medical History functionality:

– Professional database of patients, with facts, Photography, contact details, address, gender, age, date of birth, date of admission, weight, employment data, and general illness.

Consultation appointments:

– Registration appointments for the day with alerts linked to the agenda of its iPhone, iPod.
– Visualization of previous appointments for their patients.

Medical History:

– Registration and history of medical visits by date, with a record of the condition, treatment and outcome. Each consultation is being added to the patient record.
– History Record of Clinical Analysis with date, type of analysis, results, comments, laboratory responsible and ability to add image studies.
– You can add your own list of clinical and laboratory analysis to the database.
– Registration and History Radiologic Studies with date, type of study, results, comments, diagnostic unit and the possibility of adding the image of the study, the same way you can add to the database its own list of frequent radiological units diagnosis.
– Registration and History Surgeries with date, type of surgery, results and picture yourself can add your frequent surgeries to the database.
– Registration and history of other medical studies to date, and image results, you can add your frequent medical studies to the database.
– Registration and History Multimedia files, photographic series and Voice Memo for comments orally, these files are added to the record of a patient.

– Medical Record Generation in PDF and send it by e-mail

– Number of cases of all diagnosis of your patients
– Number of cases of frequent radiologic studies
– Number of cases of frequent clinical analysis
– Number of cases of other common medical studies
– Patient Relationship / Diagnosis
– Summary of medical studies of a particular patient
– Diagnosis by Age and gender
– Diagnosis by month and year

Medical Calculator:
– Pregnancy Wheel
– Urinary Excretion of Ca
– Plasma Volume
– Renal Failure Index RFI
– Body Mass Index
– Mean Arterial Pressure
– More…

– Customizing your data in your App, Phone, Medical Id number, Specialty, Clinic, Hospital, these data are printed in each clinical history of your patients.
– 4 different languages​​, English, Spanish, French, German
– No Ads

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

iPhone App:
iDoctor Pro - Patients Medical History - Luis Medinavi - PSgSoftware

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