Icons The Portrait Photography of Curtis Knapp App Review

Icons The Portrait Photography of Curtis Knapp App Review

Icons The Portrait Photography of Curtis Knapp App Review

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Famous portrait photographer Curtis Knapps’ work comes to life on the iPad with Icons – The Portrait Photography of Curtis Knapp. This well packaged, artsy digital e-book with many extras allows you to view high definition photographs featuring over 70 portraits with such recognizable faces from Slash of Gun’s N’ Roses to Madonna to Andy Warhol with the slide of a finger.

Developer iEnglish.com Limited delivers with the thumbnail mosaic interface, and while it is a lot to take in, it does so without being too cluttered or obtrusive. You can bookmark your favorite pics or tap to learn more about a particular photograph – facts, or more about the subject of the photograph.  There is also narration by Curtis Knapp himself, allowing us to hear and almost feel like we were there for the shot.

If the Icons – The Portrait Photography of Curtis Knapp app was left open on a coffee table, it would certainly look as if it were handpicked to be there. If you are a fan of Curtis Knapp’s work, you’ll truly appreciate this app. And if you haven’t heard of Curtis Knapp or have seen his work before, you will soon be a fan.

iTunes Description
From Madonna to Andy Warhol, the award-winning photographer Curtis Knapp has taken iconic portraits of some of the most famous people of the modern era. Now, for the first time, a hand-picked selection of his stunning photographs has been compiled in a beautiful ‘coffee table app’ for the iPad, with a special introduction by actor Steve Buscemi.

‘Icons’ includes over 70 photo portraits of 50 musicians, actors, artists, filmmakers, and writers including Madonna, Andy Warhol, Tina Turner, Debbie Harry, REM, Lou Reed, Tim Burton, Roy Lichtenstein, Dennis Hopper, and Timothy Leary. The photographs have been personally selected by Curtis Knapp for this application from his archive, and include shots only previously available in limited edition art books and prints, as well as some that have never before been seen in public.

Each photo showcases Knapp’s bold, distinctive style, influenced by photographic greats such as Irving Penn and Edward Steichen. Many of the images have been displayed in international exhibitions and collections, and are among the most iconic portraits of celebrities taken over the past 35 years.

The app also features audio recordings of Curtis talking about some of his most famous shoots.

Features include:

  • Specially-designed interface and scrolling system to let the user browse through crisp, high-definition photos smoothly and easily.
  • Interactive Contents that previews each photograph and allows navigation straight to your chosen image.
  • Bookmarks function for easy access to your favorite photos.
  • Audio recordings of Curtis Knapp talking about his shoots with Madonna, Andy Warhol, and the B-52s, recorded exclusively for this application.
  • Original bios of each Icon giving key information about their life and works.

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

iPad App:
Icons – The Portrait Photography of Curtis Knapp • Featuring Madonna, Andy Warhol, REM, Slash, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Julian Lennon and many more - iEnglish.com Limited

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