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There is an array of stories behind all of your favorite songs and uncovering all of them would only make you appreciate the music all the more.  The free application, iAlbum, ensures you don’t miss out on any aspect of the complete musical experience, allowing the user to carry an encyclopedic amount of knowledge on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Take in nuggets of interesting trivia about each artist, album and even specific song you’re currently listening to. iAlbum has more than 20 different sources of information, so you’re sure to learn so much about your entire iTunes library.

There’s no shortage of entertainment here – of course you’ll be enchanted, everything you’ll be reading will be about your collection of tunes. Are you curious about the history of your favorite band? Wondering how critics are receiving the newest songs on your playlist? Obsessed over backstage photos of the Grammy winners? This awesome application brings it all to your fingertips – interviews, biographies, reviews, pictures, videos and more.

You’ll never have to warble the wrong words to any song again, because the lyrics to all the latest and greatest hits may be accessed through iAlbum as well. Now you can sing along as much (and as loud) as you want. Update your library with the music recommendations based on the songs you currently have. The app makes sure your collection is complete as it detects missing tracks in the albums you have, and automatically adds album covers.

Also, it allows you to get the dirt straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Take a peek into the lives of the artists with Twitter and Facebook updates.  And the latest of iAlbum also allows you to share the best bits you’ve gathered on your own Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook accounts.

These are only some of the cool features of iAlbum. You’ll be amazed at the endless stream of information that you’ve been missing before downloading this app.

iTunes Description

Bring life back into your music.

****This is the ALPHA VERSION, a sneak peek for y'all to see iAlbums. The final version is due around June 2012, so stay tuned!******

iAlbums lets you experience the story behind your favorite music with bios, reviews, lyrics, photos, videos, interviews and so much more.

There’s a whole world of information just waiting to be revealed behind every music file on your player. iAlbums brings you this world, with a fun and exciting music experience that includes bios, album reviews, tweets, videos, cover versions, photos, and much more.

All of the content is delivered in one seamless flow, all about what you're listening to right now. Whether you’re a Rihanna fan, a Korn fanatic, digging Eminem, a Pink Floyd rocker, a Bjork listener, or anything else in between, let iAlbums introduce you to the musical experience you've been missing. .

Notable Features
– Information from over 20 different sources across the web about what you are listening to at the moment.
– Stories, bios, quotes, reviews and other cool information, all about the artists, their music or the album.
– Photos, videos, cover versions, interviews, and beautiful artwork
– iAlbums covers over 600,000 artists, more than 1 million albums and over 10.5 million songs in well over 2.3 billion unique content items!
– Lyrics to millions of tracks, from 400,000 artists and 200,000 albums available – So you can sing along
– New music recommendations based on your musical taste.
– Tweets and Facebook updates from the artists you’re listening to.
– Notification about missing tracks in your albums (which you’ll be able to purchase on the spot from iTunes)
– Album covers you’re missing will be added automatically

All This Packed Into an awesome Free App

Download the FREE iAlbums app, listen to your favorite music, and… Voila! Layers upon layers of information unravel before your eyes.

iPhone App:
iAlbums - I. Album (2011) Ltd.

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