Hyper Facts – App Review

Hyper Facts - App Review

Hyper Facts - App Review

AppDictions App Review
This app is for the inquisitive for sure!  “Hyper Facts” is a search app that enables you to locate facts on famous people, events, places, and much more by using its many “hyper” databases. Enter your interest into the search bar and this app will return relevant links providing you helpful, interesting facts on the topic you selected. “Hyper Facts” also has a feature that allows to search from your location… Next time you’re on vacation, in a historic town, at school or just need more information on people, places, topics, events, or places check out the facts using Hyper Facts and you will uncover all the information you are looking for!


iTunes Description
Hyper Facts is a convenient and very useful app that allows you to search for facts about famous people, works, topics, events, places, and more. It also features an interactive map showing hyper facts in your location.
You can enter a search term and scope into the index to search through our hyper databases. The application will return links to relevant facts. For example, start with a location in Europe such as London and explore links to other fact.

You can also search for famous people like Einstein and you will find lots of facts from different databases related to your search query. You can easily navigate to the information published on Wikipedia as well. If you are lost, add a category or thing to your favorites and start again!


  • Search over 9 million unique facts and 40 million relations
  • Easily navigate around the world with Google Maps
  • Find points of interest within your city, town, or village
  • Detailed encyclopedia articles with links to Wikipedia
  • Search through the database via categories
  • Add articles and categories to your favorites

Finding the information you need on your iPhone has never been easier. With the Hyper Facts app, you can now become a “walking encyclopedia”!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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