Hundreds Puzzle Game App Requires Quick Fingers and Thinking

Hundreds Puzzle Game App Requires Quick Fingers and Thinking

Hundreds Puzzle Game App Requires Quick Fingers and Thinking

Hundreds is One of the Best iPad and iPhone Puzzle Game Apps

Hundreds is a challenging iPad and iPhone puzzle game app in which players have to tap on circles to create a sum of hundred. With various obstacles to look out for, this iPad and iPhone puzzle game app will put your problem solving skills to the test and keep you immersed with its minimalist design.

The game consists of several rounds that get harder as you play, with each round introducing a new obstacle you have to work against. Your goal is to hold your finger on the circles until all of the numbers add up to one hundred while making sure that none of the circles touch each other when they’re red.

In some of the rounds, circles will be moving around the screen, while other rounds will have circles surrounded by other objects you can’t touch. Each time you successfully complete a round you’ll unlock a new round which can be played in any order you choose once unlocked.


From its well-choreographed design that incorporates both artistic and challenging puzzles, this game is a must have if you’re looking for something to keep you entertained. The simplistic design represents a level of ingenuity that one can only appreciate once they start playing through the hundreds of puzzles.

Hundreds is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 5.0 or later installed and costs $2.99 from the app store.

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