HOT Culture App Review

HOT Culture App Review

HOT Culture App Review

AppDictions App Review
HOT Culture keeps us up on the latest in Polish culture.  No, I’m not going to insert any Polish jokes here for two reasons: one; I’m Polish, and two; this is a very resourceful app. HOT Culture from developer SID On is a comprehensive Polish culture app  designed in conjunction with Poland’s Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

To get this out of the way – our one knock is a rather long update trying to run once the app is launched on several occasions. This can be cancelled and you can proceed through to the information, but we would like to see the updates being pushed out in another shortened manor.

The interface is clean and visually pleasing, featuring hexagonal artist-inspired navigation. The navigation is also interactive giving the user the ability to rotate such items as the “art block” which toggles between music, visual arts, literature, theater, and film information. The HOT Culture app also provides multimedia containing photos and video, along with a monthly event calendar complete with descriptions, and a link to the website.

HOT Culture is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and is completely free. And while it may seem like a niche’ app, this is not only valuable to any Polock who respects their heritage, but anyone who appreciates other cultures and cultural happenings. No matter where you are located globally, you can keep tabs with HOT Culture.

iTunes Description
HOT Culture is the official free application created by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Poland, presenting an interactive presentation for a premium selection of Polish cultural events taking place all over the globe.

The application has been designed and developed exclusively for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Looking for exciting and in-depth information on Polish cultural events? Be first to have it all at your fingertips! Find recent news on the most major cultural events taking place in Poland and rest of the world.  Browse through image galleries and watch live videos –  exhibitions, film screenings, concerts and theatrical performances, happenings, workshops and interactive activities. Soak up Polish culture whenever you want! Expand your cultural awareness about Poland through HOT Culture’s broad database of resource articles on Poland’s most renowned artists of the past and today’s rising stars.

HOT Polish cultural events from all over the globe every day on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

The application is integrated with the official website. Simple and fun to use, it’s the HOTTEST way to keep up with Poland’s dynamic cultural calendar.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

iPhone App:
HOT Culture - SID On

iPad App:
HOT Culture - SID On

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