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Admittedly, there is probably plenty I have to learn about the human anatomy, let alone horse anatomy! Did you enjoy science? Do you recall human anatomy classes? If so, then I guess it is very easy for you to locate and name whatever part of the human body that's shown to you? That's very unchallenging. If you really love anatomy and you want it to be challenged, then do it with a horse on your iPhone.

Horse Anatomy Equine 3D App Gameplay:

As a science utility app, this aims to educate and guide our soon-to-be scientists in locating the different parts of a horse’s body. As a main feature, the horse is drawn in detail and the user can browse on any of its parts to better see what they are and what they do.

There are also some other features that will make you more interested in this app:

  • Horses in the app cover the muscular, skeletal, organic, and landmark systems.
  • Every part of its body is in detail and is given explanations on how it functions etc.
  • A quiz is also given to determine how you fair on memorizing different parts of the horse’s body.

Horse Anatomy Equine 3D App Appearance & Layout:

The 3D graphics make you feel like you are a tiny nano bot voyaging through the inside of a horse’s body. Every detail is exceptionally well drawn, and the layout ensures you that you won’t miss a single detail.

The learning environment is well-toned that even kids will love using this app.

Horse Anatomy Equine 3D App Value:

This tool app is available for $4.99 and is usable with iOS 5.0 and greater. Understanding equine anatomy is easier and better with Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D.

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Star Rating:
Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D - Real BodyworkHorse Anatomy: Equine 3D - Real Bodywork ★★★★½

iTunes Description

Explore the anatomy of the horse in 3D space. Each structure is clearly labeled, with a close-up view and commentary. Easily cut down through the layers, or rotate the horse to see different views. This app covers the superficial landmarks, the superficial muscles, all the bones, and the organs. The quiz function covers over 300 structures. Quiz yourself on each section, make your own quiz, or have the app quiz you on just what you missed. If you want to understand equine anatomy, this app is for you.


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