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Home of Jigsaw Puzzle App AppDictions Review

Classic board games like that of jigsaw puzzle are played less nowadays since most resort to computer, mobile and video gaming to pass the time. However, have you considered how big would it be if jigsaw puzzle is placed as a computer game? Well for me, this means that I can once again enjoy the games I liked playing in the past using a modern gadget. This was all made possible thanks to the game app called House of Jigsaw Puzzle.

Not solely developed for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts, this game app promises that there would be no other way you’ll be looking on a jigsaw puzzle ever again.

Home of Jigsaw Puzzle App Gameplay:

The same rules as that of a jigsaw puzzle applies – complete the puzzle in the fastest way you can. To do so, you should maximize the capability of your iPad to drag the pieces until it forms as a whole.

If you look at that perspective alone, then you may find the game a bit on the slow side. Luckily, I find ways to enjoy the game further, especially with the help of these exciting features:

  • Levels of gameplay to choose from. It may start with 50 pieces or you can go with 300 pieces for the same image immediately.
  • Sections of the house are subdivided based on your preferred category. You could choose any image from Classical Arts, Cartoon Classics, Photo Art, and Fantasy.
  • Under classical art, paintings from the great people in the past (like Mordillo and Blachon) are available as puzzles. They all amount to 100 as of date.
  • Additional drawings and images are coming out each month. You should always watch out for this.

Home of Jigsaw Puzzle App Appearance & Layout:

The classical game was given a modern layout which fits to its gameplay. Due to this, the design makes the pictures even more lively and exciting to complete then their old time counterparts. The graphics are rich, vibrant, and artsy.

Home of Jigsaw Puzzle App Value:

Available for a reasonable price tag $1.99, Home of Jigsaw Puzzle game app is very compatible with your iPad as long as it is supported with iOS 4.0 and up. Bring a classic jigsaw puzzle to your iPad today.

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Star Rating:
Home of Jigsaw Puzzle - KV&H Verlag GmbH ★★★★☆

iTunes Description

The biggest and most diversified puzzle collection of the most innovative puzzle brand – now available in an app for the iPad.
With beautiful pieces of artwork by famous artists such as Mordillo, Victoria Francés, Blachon, Loup, Luis Royo, Rosina Wachtmeister and many more.
Whether it is about photography, comics, fantasy, street art or classic art, this puzzle collection provides the best and the most long-lasting amusement for the entire family.

– Over a 100 original pieces of artwork
– 25 images included in the app for direct access to your puzzle amusement
– Over 60 images available in the In-App-Store in order to expand your personal collection
– More artwork to come every month
– By famous artists such as Mordillo, Victoria Francés, Blachon, Loup, Luis Royo or Rosina Wachtmeister
– Premium bonus program: the more puzzles you complete in the app, the more puzzles you can win in the real world!
– Puzzle Store – download the latest images every month!
– Personalized puzzle function – convert your own pictures into a puzzle!
– Puzzle mail – send your completed puzzle to a friend.
– 4 levels– from 50 to 300 pieces!

Home of Jigsaw Puzzle – one of the most beautiful and most entertaining puzzle apps, which are available for your iPad.


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