Hiding Monsters is a Fun Interactive Book App for Kids


Hiding Monsters is a Fun Interactive Book for Kids

Hiding Monsters Interactive Book App AppDictions Review

Hiding Monsters is a great interactive book app for small children as it will certainly keep them on their toes. The interaction alone is enough to keep young ones engaged as the monsters in the story keep hiding from your eyes, and hide whenever you notice them. Children should really enjoy this as apart from making you jump with fright, they make you jump with laughter. This is a great bedtime game for children, especially those over the age of 4.

Hiding Monsters Interactive Book App Features:

As you play and read along Hiding Monsters, the monsters appearing and disappearing at the same time gives you a reason to want to play and read more. The frightening experiences make the child want to read more and more of the same, hence help the child with his or her learning experience. It can also be a great tool to teach children how to read, as they will have the thirst to want to play the game many times.

Hiding Monsters Interactive Book App Appearance & Layout:

Hiding Monsters has been designed specifically with an easy to use interface with sharp graphics. This interface is so simple, hence making it simpler for any child to scroll in and read the content as he or she plays the game. The more games the child gets to play and the higher the levels you get the harder the game and the lessons, which helps to broaden the child’s thinking capacity.

Hiding Monsters Interactive Book App Value:

Priced at just $1.99, Hiding Monsters is a solid interactive bok app for children that packs a lot of bang for your buck.

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Hiding Monsters - Glowdot Productions, Inc.Hiding Monsters - Glowdot Productions, Inc. ★★★★★


iTunes Description

Have you ever seen a monster? If not, you’re not looking hard enough, because they’re hiding everywhere… in this app!

Hiding Monsters is a fun interactive book for kids featuring a group of monster friends that are more interested in making you laugh than scream. Each page features a hidden monster for the user to find, and the hiding spots change each time you read it! It’s full of hidden surprises and interactive elements, with simple navigation for children young and old.

Narrated by Tom Kenny (voice of TV’s Spongebob Squarepants), illustrated by Sesame Workshop digital artist Melane McCall, and featuring an original score by The Bonebrake Ensemble, Hiding Monsters is bound to be a monster hit with your child!

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