Hide Run Growl App Review

Hide Run Growl App Review

Hide Run Growl App Review

AppDictions App Review
Learn along with a playful little tiger cub in this terrific e book and learning tool from Fiona Treweeke and estorybooks.  Before we forget, compliments to Mike Stonewall on the great illustrations. The front screen presents you with three options; read it to me, read it to myself, and games. Read it to myself is simply the story without narration. Though adults, we liked the narrated version (you can instantly stop narration at any time). The reading is performed by the soothing voice of Sarah-Jane Honeywell of BBC fame.

The speed is a suitable pace for a toddler and the words are highlighted as they are read aloud and the user ultimately controls when the page is turned. You can even highlight a word to hear the proper pronunciation. Along the way icons pop up which you can touch to get additional information and sounds. The games tab features a matching game and puzzles.

There are many video reading courses for children but Hide Run Growl delivers for the iPad. At $1.99, Hide Run Growl is a great story and is aggressively priced. Parents; if you have children ages 2 to 7, be sure and download this app.


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‘One of only two books I’ve scored 5 stars! Outstanding, I can’t think of an ebook I liked this much, the narration is the best I’ve heard in an app’ – Ron, Smartappsforkids.com

‘It is lightly animated with a nice educational & interactive feature that shows the name of everything pictured on each page with accompanying voice-over’ – digital-storytime.com

‘This cute, rhyming story includes a couple of simple games and is a nice addition to a digital library for Toddlers and pre-school children’ – Bestappsforkids.com

‘Add Hide, Run, Growl to your child’s iPad library today!  We know they’ll like it, but which part is their favorite?’ – appsforipad.net

See a video of the app in action at www.kidestorybooks.com

  • Kids build reading confidence and become better readers with words that highlight as they are read
  • Animated and Interactive, words that zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched
  • Professional voice narration by British Children’s celebrity Sarah-Jane Honeywell from BBC CBeebies TV shows\
  • Original rhyming story and beautifully animated illustrations

“Hide, run, growl, then swipe with you paw, a snake is much too long, I think I’ll hunt some more”
Mummy tiger has hurt her paw.  The little tiger cub must go hunting alone for the first time. But all the animals the tiger cub sees are much too long, too fierce or too big, all except for one…..

Creative animation and audio bring to life this story of friendship and helping one another, this app will suit the learning abilities of children from ages 2-7.


  • Read to me – perfect for toddlers who love to listen to a narrated story, but can also see the words highlighted as they are read
  • Read it myself – great for more established readers who want to read without narration, but can still touch a word if they get stuck, perfect for building confidence in young readers
  • Games – puzzles and pairs with characters from the book will help your child excel in, problem solving, concentration, memory and linguistic skills

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Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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Hide Run Growl - Kid-estorybooks

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