Help Me Decide – App Review

Help Me Decide - App Review

Help Me Decide - App Review

AppDictions App Review
CWhat to do… What to DO?!?  Ever been stuck trying to decide on the small things like; what to wear, what to eat, who to go to the movies with on a Friday night…. If you have then this app is for you! “Help Me Decide” is a fun app that can help you make simple decisions in a snap.  This app comes pre-loaded with standard items that people are faced with everyday but you’ll have the ability to edit the situations and options to suit your personal dilemma.  Once you have your items entered you’ll have 4 animated features to choose from that once selected will make the decision randomly for you. Next time you’re debating with your friends on where to eat we say to whip out this app and “let the parrot decide!”  “Help Me Decide” is meant for entertainment purposes and we must say we found it to be just that!


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This is an awesome random selection app which helps you make decisions in an entertaining way. Just enter your list of options and the app will randomly decide for you. HelpMeDecide is a great app for making decisions such as:

What gift to buy for Valentine’s, Mother’s day, Birthdays or anniversaries
What to wear?
What to cook?
What Restaurant to eat at?

The app can also be used for entertainment, such as, who is your best friend, Loves me/Loves me not, etc. You can save your lists for future use and organize them in different categories. There are 4 different animations to choose from to present your random results:

1) Shake: Your list of options will be listed on wooden planks. Shake the phone until all planks fall except for one.
2) Cards: Randomly tap on one of the cards shown on a table facing upside down.
3) Wheel: Spin the wheel which has all the options on it.
4) Parrot: A parrot will fly and pick up a card which will have your pick.

The app also features a retry option, in case you want to do the best of 3 tries. If you can’t decide which animation to use, click the Random animation icon to randomly choose the animation for you.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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