Healing Waves – App Review

Heailing Waves App Review

Heailing Waves App Review

AppDictions App Review
Do you appreciate soothing music that helps you relax and makes that not so good day better?  Have you ever tried using music during stressful tile like at work?  Healing Waves is a new iPhone App that provides a new type of music from Clifford White’s Ascension album.  The app offers six selected tracks from three of Cliff’s bestselling albums for its $1.99 price tag and you can download the complete albums via an in-app purchase for an additional $3.99 each. Considering the cost of 1 album on iTunes is $8.99 this is a good deal.

Outside of the music the app is very simple. You can select the album to play from and the track. Healing Waves also give you the ability to change the scenery (backdrop of the app), but it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Overall the music is good, but the app itself offers little functionality. If you like Clifford White’s music or want something new to listen to during stressful times give Healing Waves a try.


iTunes Description
Experience deep relaxation with HEALING WAVES, a collection of six exquisite relaxation music tracks from top recording artist Clifford White.

The perfect app for instant bliss, HEALING WAVES features tracks taken from Clifford’s superb albums Ascension, Revelation and The Healing Touch.


  • Six selected tracks from three of Cliff’s bestselling albums.
  • A selection of beautiful hypnotic background animations.
  • Options to purchase the full albums via inapp purchase at special low prices.

Download now and enjoy blissful relaxation and inner peace.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

iPhone App:
Healing Waves - Darren Marks

iPad App:
Healing Waves - Darren Marks

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