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We all tend to have busy lives and it can be quite difficult to keep up with everything that’s thrown your way. With family, work and friends that leaves the door open for plenty of people to contact you in the midst of a task. When life gets busy like this it can be easy to become too stressed out and ultimately just give up. Luckily the new app “YouMail” can help lighten your load and save time thanks to it’s smart call options. Join the app that allows users to have their voicemails read to them and so much more, all for free.

After launch all users are greeted by a menu to get set up with the app. From initial launch users will quickly be able to notice how well designed and easily set up “YouMail” is. With already over 6 million users already using the app it’s as easy as adding brief info like your name and number to join the crowd. Once logged in it’s from here that users are able to set up their app preferences and furthermore begin freely using the application.

While phone calls can be convenient they can also tend to be a tad inconvenient and sometimes even obtrusive. With “YouMail” you can begin spending your time tending to more important matters as the app begins greeting callers by their name, block calls from unwanted callers and more with just it’s free options. The app has an open layout interface that displays a list of your voicemails with an option to access a pull out menu from the upper left-hand side of the screen. It’s from this menu that the ability to check out your inbox of messages, hang-ups, greetings and contacts all can be found in a way that’s very easy to access. “YouMail” is the smart way of handling voicemails on your smart devices and is not only easy to use but full of customizable functions and preferences for every type of user.

Making “YouMail” so much better than other voicemail applications are the options available past the free content. At a premium price users can access an array of other useful features. Have your mail read to you, create a dedicated number for your voicemail and even uncover the numbers behind annoying callers that block their numbers. Whether you’re just looking for something more for your voicemails or even involved in business there’s something for everyone. While the business add-on includes the free and premium content it even adds on a few bonuses of its own including smart business greetings and much more. Using an app that has this many features and is still easy to use has never been so simple.

“YouMail” is available for free in the app store for all iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or later.


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