Gumball Words is an Exciting iOS Word Game App

Gumball Worlds is an Exciting iOS Word Game App

Gumball Worlds is an Exciting iOS Word Game App

Form as Many Words as You Can in Gumball Words iPad and iPhone Word Game App

Gumball Worlds is an exciting candy store themed iPad and iPhone word game app that will keep you entertained, help improve your vocabulary, and bring back sweet memories of times spent playing with the gumball machines.

After opening the app you’re given the options of playing single player or multiplayer mode by selecting Single Serving or Two for one from the main menu. Tapping on either one of the options animates a gumball machine which then opens up the single player game screen or the multiplayer game screen from your game center account if you choose the Two for One option.

A three second countdown appears before your round starts and is followed by a game timer that counts down the time left before the game ends. While the timer is still running your goal is to unscramble the letters by forming as many words as you can with them. Each word you create earns you a certain amount of points and gets added to your game center score whenever you complete a round.

The app’s colorful user interface creates a very lively gaming experience which is further accentuated by the interactive multiplayer mode. And for times when you’re unable to guess the words correctly you can reroll the gumball and a new set of letters will appear for you to rearrange.

Gumball Worlds is a fun game to play especially if you’re someone who enjoys word games such as Scrabble, Boggle, and Words with Friends. The app requires iOS 3.2 or later to run and costs $0.99 from the app store.

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