Guitar Coach Free iPad Magazine is Packed with Practical Videos

Guitar Coach Free iPad Magazine is Packed with Practical Videos

Guitar Coach Free iPad Magazine is Packed with Practical Videos

Get a Guitar Coach and Guitar Lessons Right on Your iPad

Guitar Coach Magazine is a comprehensive iPad guitar lesson app designed to teach you how to master the basics of playing the guitar. Featuring comprehensive video tutorials designed for amateurs and immediate players, this app will take you through the techniques used by top guitarists and have you playing your favorite songs in no time.

Since this is a part magazine, part tutorial lesson app, you’ll be able to access a wealth of information just by using browsing through the topics presented in each section. There are several interesting topics in the magazine section explaining the guitar learning process with images, interviews, and links to resources you can use.

The topics range from how to buy your first guitar, songwriting tips, guitarist profiles of renowned guitar players around, and a Q&A section where you can ask the editor any pressing questions. There’s also a news section which gets updated with featured articles describing new developments from guitarists around the world.

When you’re done reading the 40 pages of content you can go to the app’s video tutorial section and put your skills to practice.  The videos are divided into six categories including Beginners Bootcamp, Coaching Sessions, Skills & Techniques, Guitars & Gizmo’s, and Riffs, Licks, & Solo.


Tapping on any of the categories opens up a video list along with a short description about what skills you can gain from the lesson. The videos range from short video clips of less than 5 minutes to full length tutorials up to 30 minutes long. The lessons are very easy to follow and contain clear steps and techniques designed for both beginner or experienced players.

As with learning any other instrument the more you practice the better you’ll get, same goes with using this app. If you make an effort to practicing the lessons every day, you’ll definitely see improvement in your playing technique and you’ll also be able move from the beginner videos to the intermediate ones faster.

Guitar Coach Magazine is a very effective way to improve your guitar skills and will prove to be useful for anyone who can’t afford to enroll in traditional guitar classes or looking for a quick way learn the fundamentals of playing the guitar. This app is free to download from iTunes and is compatible with iPads running iOS 5.0 or later.

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