Greenit – App Review

Greenit - App Review

Greenit - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Wondering what your house would look like with a solar panel on the roof?  How about a new look for your local community playground?  GreenIt! helps you join in the green initiative by bringing it to your pictures.  You can either take a new picture using your iPhone camera, or by uploading an existing image from your photo gallery.  GreenIt! offers many green objects that can be added to your pictures – from trees, grass, and flowers, to solar panels and wind turbines – even add your own message in text.  You can rotate and zoom in/out of each of the objects until you find the perfect position on your picture.  Most of the pictures become very pixilated when zooming and make for a less believable picture.  Once you have completed your masterpiece, save your pictures to your photo gallery or upload them to Facebook and Twitter to share with the world!  Many of the app features that are shown as available on the iPhone app are not available on the iPad app – a definite fix suggestion for future updates.  Bottom line: if you like playing around with photos and you love being “green”, GreenIt! can help.


iTunes Description
5 stars reviewed in various countries. Our 2nd version is here, written from the
scratch, this new version of greenit! make it easier to green the world around you.

We also added a new clean tech section with lot`s of outstanding renewable images for you.

Did you EVER wonder how your iPhone could make the WORLD a GREENER place?

With Greenit! YOU CAN DO IT! And empower yourself to make a Difference!

The old saying IS TRUE: “A PICTURE is worth a thousand words.” ECO-conscious individuals are already “Provingit!” by showing how the world CAN BE a better place through Greenit! customized design imaging on their iPhone.

Add GREEN and CLEAN elements that will illustrate how EXACT sustainable progress could be achieved!

Think of a place (maybe your neighborhood) that would benefit from sustainable ACTION. Simply snap a picture of reality and Greenit! IMPROVE and DESIGN a sustainable Greenit! image utilizing natural plant life to clean technology (ex. Solar Panels).

Greenit! also allows you to add customized font text to each picture for further reach to your audience. Greenit! offers an endless variation of sustainable elements that will open any non-sustainable mind to new possibilities.

For the PROFESSIONAL, Greenit! IS a VALUE-ADD TOOL that gives IN THE FIELD results for architects, designers, planners, activists and all sustainable FRONTLINE thinkers alike.

With BEFORE and AFTER results in hand, YOUR VISION can have a showcase delivery with IMMEDIATE and REAL IMPACT.

SHARING your Greenit! design has never been easier. You can easily send it to twitter, facebook and of course via e-mail your Greenit! designs to friends, family or colleagues in seconds.

In addition we would like to acknowledge your Greenit! designs at our home grown communities.

Please share your best designs with us at

Start greening the world around you today!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later

Greenit! - Fullcircle Innovations
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