Golf Shot Fixes – App Review

Golf Shot Fixes - App Review

Golf Shot Fixes - App Review

AppDictions Review:
Attention all golfers!  Having a problem with your game?  Well look know further, Golf Shot Fixes app gives you valuable tips to improve your game.  This application was very well put together, easy to navigate and understand.  The video demonstrations are very helpful and great quality.  If your looking to improve your game this app is a must have and we highly recommend your purchase of this app.


iTunes Description:
GOLF SHOT FIXES: How would you like to have one of the world’s best and most exclusive teaching professionals on your bag? Or, better yet, in your pocket?

GOLF SHOT FIXES was created for you, the everyday golfer, to fix what ails you right on the course, before your round gets out of hand. It brings you Mitchell Spearman’s expert quick fix guide. Well known for his amazing eye and ability to fix golfers fast, it provides immediate analysis and cures for some of the game’s most troubling mis-hits, including the slice, hook, shanks, tops, chunked pitch and many more.


Spearman, featured Golf Instructor host on the international TV show Golfing World, one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers and instructor to many of golf’s champions will explain to you in easy terms why you’re hitting the dreaded hosel rocket (i.e., shank), and then provide several tips to help you banish it from your game for good. Right on the spot. With Mitchell in your pocket, there’s no need to wait until after the round or your next lesson to work out your problem.

In addition to the aforementioned faults, Mitchell will analyze why you hit shots fat and thin, and what causes you to pull and push your putts. Wonder why your playing partners’ drives carry 50 yards farther than your best tee shots? Or why you constantly leave your 30-foot putts short? Mitchell has the answers, and the solutions that will have you playing better golf in the time it takes you to walk to your next shot.

GOLF SHOT FIXES includes more than 60 stunning HD video lessons, not to mention bonus tips from Mitchell on each fault. With this APP, you’ll learn how to ward off your slice, hit your fairway woods and hybrids flush from any fairway lie, maintain the proper distance from the ball so you never shank again, and maximize your clubhead speed to increase your distance off the tee. You’ll learn the pros secrets to taking a perfect divot and avoiding the fat, skulled, topped and sliced shots that so often derail amateurs on the course.

Until now, golfers never had a chance when the top or shank reared its ugly head. They could only scratch their heads and wonder, ‘Why now?’ But with a couple touches on your iPhone keypad, you can now dial up the solution to your fat or thin shot, so that these faults don’t become round-wreckers. You’ll find everything you need right here on your IPhone APP.

62 video lessons for many of the game’s biggest faults, including:
Slice, Hook, Topped Fairway Wood, Chunked Pitch, Shank, Thin Approach Shot, Skulled Bunker Shot, Pulled Putt, Popped Drive

Written and verbal analysis of each fault and what causes it

Quick Fix for each fault along with special Bonus Tip from Mitchell with additional pointers on how to eliminate the featured fault from your game

Extra slow motion video section

Ease of seeing the next fault and fix with just a couple of touches

The ability to pause each video to freeze certain positions in the swing

Portability, easy access for course use so you won’t slow down speed of play

Stunning photography from prestigious Isleworth Country Club in Orlando, Fl.

Major Winners who are Mitchell’s students past and present:

Ian Baker- Finch (British Open champion)
Jerilyn Britz (US Open champion)
Laura Davies (4 times Major championship winner)
Nick Faldo (3 times British Open champion, 3 x Masters champion)
Wayne Grady (USPGA champion)
Greg Norman (2 times British Open champion)
Jerry Pate (US Open champion)
Jay Siegel (3 Amateur Major championships)
Jan Stephenson (3 Major championships)
Curtis Strange (2 times US Open champion)


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

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