Go Go Miner – App Review

Go Go Miner - App Review

Go Go Miner - App Review

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Go Go Miner iPhone app is a highly addictive, well developed and design game.  Go Go Miner is based on a story about a miner that inherited a secret map.  The Miner’s journey starts out small but then leads him to mining in different terrains like the desert, ocean floor, city streets, and even the moon!! The idea is to follow the map and find “The Mother-lode”.  This game is a lot of fun and we highly recommend to all you game players out there.


iTunes Description
Go Go Miner – Release V1.0

***Warning – Highly Addictive game ****

**ADVENTURE 6 ADDITIONAL LEVELS for just 0.99c****

Game Review : The Hive Cluster

“Go Go Miner is everything we’ve ever looked for in a mobile game. It’s got high fidelity cinematic story-telling combined with fun gameplay, an awesome soundtrack, unlockable powerups, achievements to earn, and minigames interjected in there which gives you a reason to keep on playing! It’s actually high-impact fun and lives up to its name. By far this is the best game Motion 9 Studios has ever released. It is a gem that belongs on any game aficionado’s iPhone.”

Game Features:

  • An easy to play touch-screen game.
  • Three fine-tuned difficulty modes.
  • A rich story told through full-screen images & text
  • Fun minigames at the end of each level
  • Achievements/Trophies to earn
  • A variety of interesting power-ups to unlock
  • An epic cinematic soundtrack
  • Addicting gameplay
  • Post your scores online & compete with others!

***Game Story*****

One day the Miner receives a package explaining that he’s just inherited a secret map to “The Mother-lode” An alleged gold vein beneath the Earth’s surface that runs for Miles. His journey starts out small but may eventually leading to him mining deserts, the ocean floor, city streets, and possibly even the moon!

Get ready to step into the shoes of the miner and follow him on his epic journey through soil, rock, and cyberspace!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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