Global Tipper App Review

Global Tipper App Review

Global Tipper App Review

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While confusing at times, many people will argue that tipping is an art. However, custom and currency in the world can be very different and are constantly changing. Globe Tipper – Tip Calculator & Currency Converter for the iPhone is a very useful app for sorting through the currency and tipping confusion, especially at just $0.99.

Globe Tipper was developed by Vapssky, well known for their powerful iPhone apps. We really enjoyed the vivid interface of this app, especially since this could be been a very basic UI considered the category. Globe Tipper will allow you keep up on tipping currencies and amounts throughout the world and features up to the minute currency conversion charts.  Another great feature is the party list which will allow you to separate the bill into portions or parties avoid confusion if travelers from different regions are convening and sharing expenses.

Whether you are in Argentina or Hong Kong, the U.S. or Bahrain, Globe Tipper is a tremendous resource for the traveler abroad. Globe Tipper – Tip Calculator & Currency Converter will not only save you from looking like an confused tourist, but will allow you  focus on your activities while being courteous an avoid paying too much.

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Globe Tipper tells travelers how to tip in foreign countries, calculates currency exchanges, and splits restaurant bills.  Get Globe Tipper to make your travel, whether to the restaurant next door or one overseas, easier.

For the traveler on-the-go, Globe Tipper keeps you in-the-know!  With access to exchange rates and tipping customs around the world, Globe Tipper allows you to calculate restaurant and bellhop tips and currency conversions when you travel.

Whether at home or abroad, spend more time over dessert and less over the bill.  Use Globe Tipper’s built-in calculator to compute tips based on the desired gratuity percentage and to split restaurant bills among groups.  “Item Split” and “Simple Split” options allow users to divide a bill between as many as 10 parties and to allocate specific items and amounts to particular people.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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Globe Tipper - Tip Calculator & Currency Converter - VAPSSKY

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