Get the Latest App News in Seconds with the App AppZapp

Get the Latest App News in Seconds with the App AppZapp

Get the Latest App News in Seconds with the App AppZapp

AppZapp is an application that makes finding all of the news and info on apps in the app store a breeze. Find out about all of the latest bargains, releases, updates and more by the tap of a button. Never have to search through tons of different sites again, AppZapp brings tons of great news straight to your device.

After launch users are greeted by a menu quickly showing how to use the application, and a prompt for registering an account. Shortly after the main menu appears, where everything you need to access in the app is shown. Designed with a clean blue color scheme users will find buttons to go back, logout, and search on the top of the screen. The middle of the screen is where an array of different buttons for different features can be found. From news, to top lists, new apps, settings and more there are plenty of different features for users to enjoy.

With millions upon millions of apps in the App Store it’s common for users to want to find the best apps for their devices. While having these apps on their device they want to stay updated on what’s new, or aware of any new information based off of their apps and the ones they don’t have yet. While using search engines to peruse through different sites is a long and meticulous journey, AppZapp makes doing this so much easier. This application can quickly change the way you find out about app news.

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With so many features AppZapp provides great ways to discover and learn about different apps in the App Store in seconds. The “News” button shows users all of the apps that are new, have been reviewed, updated, and even gone through a price change in a cleanly designed format. Find out if an app is something you’d like by reading a review, or find out about when an app you like goes through a price change so you can take advantage of the bargain right away. With a community of over 2 million users it’s made easy to find out about the best apps in the store. The “Now Free” button will show users which apps have gone free by the hour and even down to the minutes. The “Comments” button will show you all of the latest comments people have left about apps all over the world. This way the voices of the people are heard and you’re able to know what others think about apps before downloading them. Even sync your apps from your device to the app with the “My AppZapp” button. Get notifications, alarms, and more about all of the apps you care about the moment that something new comes out.

Within this great app there are even more cool features. From the ability to check sales, see collections, top lists, and so much more there’s something for everyone. No more having to go through trouble to find out about apps again, download AppZapp for a new app news experience. AppZapp is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 4.3 or later. A 99 cent paid pro version is also available offering even more features and removing all ads.

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