Get the scoop on all of the latest video games with the app iGames

Get the scoop on all of the latest video games with the app iGames

Get the scoop on all of the latest video games with the app iGames

The time for video games is now as more and more fun and exciting titles are pushed each week. But as so many games are announced, released and even more it can be hard to keep up with everything in store. The new app “iGames” is the perfect application for staying up to date with all of the latest platform video games. Whether Xbox One or PS4, “iGames” has the videos, the news, ratings and more you want to know about.

After launch users are greeted by a well designed interface making it easy for anyone to navigate. While the main screen is presented in the center of the app users can also access more of the apps many options from a pull tab menu on the upper left-hand corner. As each tab is selected all of it’s corresponding information is neatly displayed for users to peruse through. When you’re ready to get started with the app simply select the menu you’d like to browse and enjoy, it’s that easy!

Videogames can easily become an incredibly fun way to spend your time and with “iGames” they just got that much more fun to get into. With hot titles like “Destiny” or “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” stealing the spotlight players will want to know what each game is about and what people think about it and there’s no better source for doing that than with “iGames”. With this application interested users can browse through over 20,000 video game titles watching their trailers, looking through screenshots full-game overviews and more. When each game is displayed it’s cover is shown, available platforms, release dates and more are all shown for a quick first-glance at the game. Within a matter of seconds with “iGames” you can know exactly what a game is about, what people think about it and more. There’s no more having to debate with yourself over what game you should get next, “iGames” makes video games easy.

It’s hard to find apps like “iGames” in the App Store that actually serve their purpose well and that’s what makes it so much better than other available options. Keep on track with games your interested in by “watching” them and adding their release dates to your calendar, share the news about games you find in the app and more. The whole world of video games feels like it’s in your pocket all thanks to this extremely useful app.

Take control of following your video games like never before all thanks to “iGames”. “iGames” is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or later.

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